Upgrading (or replacing) an AT&T Merlin Legend(also known as Lucent Merlin Legend or Avaya Legend) with a new telephone system

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Many users contact us on a daily basis seeking advice on how to replace their older, sometimes antiquated AT&T Merlin Legend (or Merlin Plus, or Lucent Merlin Legend or Avaya Legend, Merlin Magix and more) system with a new business phone system.  See pictures below of SAMPLES of telephone systems that you can replace yourself or we can send an installer to do it for you:

merlin phone system



merlin Key system

lucent phone system with phones


avaya legend phone system

There are many reasons that drive users to replace these systems and I can name a few:
  • Rising costs of used, replacement telephones – these systems have been out there for many, many years and replacing a broken phone can be very costly (sometimes it could cost upwards of $300 – $500) and if you simply need to add an extension or replace a few broken extensions, this can be very costly.
  • Lack of voice mail – most older systems do not support voice mail and/or automated attendant and these features are a must for today’s businesses.
  • Lack of support for cordless phones – another “nice to have” or “MUST HAVE” feature that is desired in today’s office / warehouse applications.
  • Cost of service / programming changes / repairs – most of these older systems that were installed by professional dealers require support from professional technicians.  This may result in per call charges of over $100 for a simple programming change, simple name change etc.  All these charges can disappear with a newly designed phone system.
 So, what can YOU do about this?
It is easy to replace an AT&T Merlin Legend (or AT&T Merlin Legend Plus) with a new business phone system using the SAME EXISTING WIRING and it is almost a complete “plug and play” installation – let me explain how this can be done:
First, see a typical KSU (Key Service Unit – this one is for the AT&T Merlin) below.  I will review each card from left to right.  There are different system cards / cartridges that are labeled as follows (starting from the first one on the left side and then going to the next card to the right side):

merlin phone system


First card that has the “TelcoDepot” logo on the top portion (wide, double space card) – Power Supply Card.
Next card labeled “Processor” – system CPU.
Next card labeled “008 MLX” – supports up to 8 digital stations.
Next card labeled “800 GS/LS” – supports up to 8 CO lines.
Next card labeled “012 with RING Gen” – supports up to 12 Single Line Extensions.
Next card labeled “408 GS/LS-MLX” – supports up to 4 CO lines and up to 8 digital stations.
Next card labeled “100 DS1” (gray color) – system card.
Next card that has the “TelcoDepot” logo in the middle (wide, double space card) – Power Supply Card.
Next card labeled “100D” – digital trunks/lines such as T1 interface.
Next card labeled “012” – supports up to 12 Single Line Extensions.
Next card labeled “016 with RING Gen” – supports up to 16 Single Line Extensions.
Last card labeled “016 with RING Gen” – supports up to 16 Single Line Extensions.
For your convenience I have also edited the jack colors on the cards and they mean the following:
Yellow – Jacks that are 8 pin and are to be connected to digital extensions.
Red – Jacks that are to be used to connect single line (2500 type) extensions.
Blue – Jacks that are to be used to connect CO / Trunks / Lines to the system.
Wiring is basically the same for all these systems so let’s examine station wiring.  Typically these systems were wired with 4 pair wires using RJ-45 connector at the end.  Here is a picture of a typical jack:

atandt phone system connection


Here are a few pictures of a typical extensions of these systems:

lucent digital phone

avaya digital phone

lucent 1 line digital phone




Replace an AT&T Merlin Legend (or Legend Plus) with an Xblue X16 system
First of all, do your self a favor and take a few pictures of your existing system BEFORE you start the installation / replacement process !!!
 Say your business is using 7 extensions and you would like to change the system to an Xblue X16 system.  In addition to the Xblue X16 7-phone bundle all you will have to purchase 1 (one) CB-2000 “Merlin Modular Connector – equipment side for Xblue X16 system”.  Here is a picture of this modular connector:

converter to xblue

You will also need 7 (seven) CB-2001 “Merlin Modular Connector – Station Side” adapters.

modular xblue converter


That is all the additional hardware you will need to purchase in order to complete your installation yourself.
How to install the new X16 system?
First, you will have to remove the old, existing Merlin Legend (or compatible) system from the wall.  All connections to the control unit are modular so disconnecting them should be easy.  Please power the system down and then disconnect the modular cords from the system ports.
Next, please mount the new system to the wall.  Please make sure to leave enough room for the power supply as well.
Once the KSU and power supply are mounted to the wall, please mount the Modular Connector (CB-2000) to the wall.  Use the 2 modular cords that came with this kit and install them to ports 1 and 2 on the Modular Connector.  Now, use the other side of the 7’ cords and plug them in to 2 ports on the X16 system. It does not matter which ports you plug them in to as long as you are installing them to the “Station Ports” on the bottom left side.
Now, connect the site-wires to any port on the Modular Connector between port 3 and port 10.  Please note that ports 11 and 12 are NOT USED at all.
Once all station cords are plugged-in, you can go to each phone location and unplug the old Merlin phone.  Use one of the “Station-Side” dual modular blocks and connect the wire that is run to the KSU to the side that is marked “C” (Cable).  Now connect the Xblue X16 extension to the same dual modular block to the port that is marked “P” (phone).
You are almost done … Go back to the KSU area and turn the X16 system ON by plugging-in the power supply.  All connected phones will initialize and your system will (after a few seconds) show the phone extension number (301 to 316).
If all phones are working – you can continue and connect the dialtone to your X16 system.  The modular cords were connected to the old telephone system to the “Blue” color ports in the descriptive picture above.
Everything should work now.  Make outgoing calls to verify system functionality.  Continue and test the incoming calls functionality.  If you are experiencing any technical difficulties (and you purchased you system and adapters from Telco Depot) – feel free to call us for tech support at 1-888-921-5760.
I hope this document will assist you in making the right decision for replacing your old Merlin Legend (or as it may be called in the opening paragraph) with a “do it yourself” system made by Xblue Networks !!!
You can do it, Telcodepot can help.

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