15 Cool Business Gifts for Gadget Geeks and Telecom Lovers

| December 12, 2013 | 1 Comment

Holiday gift shopping is not always the easiest task, it can even get messy if you have no idea what to buy for your family, friends and colleagues, but it gets even worse if you’re not really familiarized with that person’s taste, especially if you’re looking for a gift for tech lovers.

Other times it’s you the one who have developed a taste for gadgets and others have no idea of what to get you, that’s why we developed this list with cool gifts for you.


busines gift for geeks

1. Epic – Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

This laser device projects a keyboard on any flat, opaque surface and it’s compatible with your iPad, iPhone, smartphone, tablet, or laptop; making it great gift for businessman.

2. Moshi Moshi Curve Wireless Handset And Dock

A designer Bluetooth handset modeled after the classic telephone shape, while also allows you to charge your phone once you put it in the dock, even when you’re talking. This can be the perfect gift for small business owners.

3. iHealth Digital Step on Scale

This device can read and record your weight on your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, by just downloading the iHealth app to your device. It also makes a cool gift for the tech savvy in your life who also loves working out and keeping track of his progress.

4. Silver Usb Cufflinks

Nothing says tech lover as this USB cufflinks made out of rhodium plated based that cancarry all your data with style.

5. Doctor Who TARDIS 4 Port USB Hub

This 4 port USB hub will make any whovian happy on this holidays.

6. USB Thermoelectric Cooler & Warmer

There’s nothing worse than having to interrupt your work to go for something to drink. With this thermo-electric cooler/warmer powered by USB port, no one will have an excuse anymore.

7. The Brydge Bluetooth Keyboard

One of the best business gifts you can find, a keyboard for iPads is always a most have for those who use these devices at the office and in their everyday lives. The best part is that it actually locks up the iPad with its hinged case grips, allowing its use from any position of the screen.

8. Hitcase – Waterproof Shockproof Mountable Video Case For iPhone

A waterproof iPhone case with an integrated wide-angle lens that will keep it safe and functioning on your underwater trips up to 33ft. and also safe from damages and drops.

9. miDoor ID0100-40

This Internet-enabled device allows users to remotely view their garage door, closing it or opening it with the use of an iPhone®, Android device, iPad® or a Web-browser, making it a thoughtful gift for small business owners.

10. Led Binary Clock

Only a true geek can read binary code, so test them with this clock that changes patterns in the light display by giving them one of the best gifts for tech lovers that can serve as decoration with a functional use.

11. Star Wars Lightsaber Pen

Not your average pen, but maybe this is the one you’re looking for the geek in your life or as a cool gift for any star wars fan. It comes in a tin collector’s box to protect it and it’s available in blue, red and green.

12. Star Trek Bat’leth Letter Opener

Trekkies can now kill open letters with this Bat’leth letter opener made of stainless steel, worth of any Klingon’s army use.

13. Eton Battery Power Adapter

With smartphones there’s always the smart pain of charging all the time your phone, but this lithium ion battery pack will allow you to have 3 times of backup worth for your phone and it’s also a great idea for giving an useful business gift.

14. Upwrite Universal Smartphone Stand & Stylus

A key chain that doubles as a stylus and kickstand for your smartphone or tablet, plus it’s compatible with all types of phones and tablets.

15. Doctor Who Dalek Projection Clock

Any whovian worse fear can now also project time and wake you up with the threat of ending your life with three different sound effects: hover, exterminate, and gunstick.


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