How to find the IP address and Gateway on your PC

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How to find the IP address and Gateway on your PC

Have you ever wonder how to find your IP or Gateway address of your computer or network? Well there is a easy way to find it. The only thing that you need is your Computer.

The first step to get your IP or Gateway Address it’s to go to the start menu of your PC and find Run.
Now another window will Pop-Up, in this pop-up you are going to type cmd. This is going to bring up the Command Prompt window.

Now that the command prompt window is up and running, type the following ipconfig .

Now you should see your IP and Gateway Address, you are going to see more things but we are only interested in this two.
Your IP Address is normally in the format of

The Gateway Address is the address that is use by your Router or Modem which ever you have, by using this you are able to access your Router by typing in the address into your browser and this should take you to your router.

Your Gateway is also normally in the format of



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