External Music Source configuration for your eLastix based Telco Depot TD1000/2000 Phone System

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Did you ever want to connect your iPod, Zune, MP3 Player or just a simple radio (that will play your favorite station) to your Telco Depot Sip TD 1000/2000 Phone system as to replace the “built In” default MOH (Music On Hold)? If so keep on reading, we will show you how its done. In order to do that you will need to log into your system using a ‘terminal’ application (I like PuTTy) or connect a keyboard and a monitor directly to the system.  In the following paragraphs commands will be Italic while text to add/modify will remain regular. Since the process will involve in rebooting your TD Phone system it will be advisable to do this process before or after your business hours, and to get a cup of coffee as it is going to take about 15 ~ 20 min to complete

here we go

type the following in the command line

nano /etc/asterisk/musiconhold_custom.conf

this will create a new file in a text format allowing you to add the following text into it


Hit CtrL+X to exit and save

mkdir /var/lib/asterisk/mohmp3/radio
touch /var/lib/asterisk/mohmp3/radio/empty.mp3
nano /var/lib/ece-playlinein

Add the following text to that file

/usr/bin/arecord -q -c 1 -r 8000 –buffer-size=2048 -f S16_LE -t raw

Hit CtrL+X to exit and save

cd /var/lib
chown asterisk:asterisk ece-playlinein
chmod 777 ece-playlinein
groupadd -g 525 audio
usermod -G audio root
usermod -G audio asterisk

Nano /usr/sbin/amportal

Add the following text to that file

chown asterisk /dev/tty9
chown -R root:audio /dev/snd
chmod -R a+rwX /dev/snd

Hit Ctrl+X to exit and save

shutdown -r 0

After system reboots log into it and type the following in the command line


Hit the TAB button to get the Capture mode. Using the arrow keys R/L U/P set the parameters as shown in the Pic bellow

At this point you can connect your music source to the TD Phone System Mic input (pink connector on the back) using a standard 3.5mm connector.

Log in to the system using the eLastix GUI and select the ‘Inbound Routes’ under the PBX tab. Change the Music On Hold source to Radio,  click ‘Submit’ and then apply the changes by clicking on the red bar on top of the screen. If you have multiple Inbound routes, you will need to do this for each one. Now each incoming call that will be put on hold, or directed into a queue, parking lot etc.. will be listening to your external MOH source. To test is simply dial in to your system and place the call on hold or dial into any of  your queue number. If you want to use this source also for INTERNAL calls being put on hold etc.. just follow this guide.

Good Luck


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