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Pros and Cons of the Allworx 6x and 24x business phone systems.
We compare the features between 2 popular business phone systems: the Allworx 6x and the Xblue x16.
What is plenum rated cabling? Do I need it? We answer your common questions. There is a price difference between plenum and non-plenum. We'll help you decide what is required for your application.

Unlike the Bluetooth headset for your car, you will be wearing your office headset for many hours. We'll help you pick one that is comfortable, has good audio, and will last you all day long.
We begin diving into the questions that help you determine your business requirements. This will help direct you to the right phone system!
In Part 2 of the Phone System Buyer's Guide, we hit on two main points: What kind of image do you want your company to have? And how big is your business?

In part 3 of our Phone System Buyer's Guide, we discuss the first big decision: IP Phone Systems or Standard Phone Line Systems?
After you've assessed your business requirements and your technical needs, there are still some fundamental questions you should consider before investing in a new phone system.

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