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TD Business Express Hosted PBX Add On Options

Business Express Automated Attendant - Featuring Automated Greeting and Call Routing
An Automated Attendant License is required for a single level Automated Attendant. This lets you have a greeting that directs your callers to dial various options including dialing an extension or dialing a single digit to go to a group of users. Add multiple Licenses to build a more complex multi-layer Automated Attendant.

You should contact us and let us assist you in configuring your Telco Depot Business Express Hosted Service if you are building a multi-layer Automated Attendant. Contact a specialist at 1 800-390-1200
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PRICING: $14.95 per month per automated attendant
Business Express Conference Bridge
Telco Depot's Business Express Hosted Solution offers a professional Conference Center for your business. You don't need to pay for an expensive outside bridge for hundreds of dollars. Unlimited calling is included in this monthly billed conference bridge.

  • Conference up to 10 parties or 20 parties
  • On-line portal for scheduling
  • e-mail notification of conference
  • Secured conferencing via assigned PIN
  • Set up a conference moderator
  • moderator can mute any or all participants
  • moderator may expel a participant
PRICING: 1. Business Express Unlimited 10 Party Conference Bridge - $39.95 per month
PRICING: 2. Business Express Unlimited 20 Party Conference Bridge - $49.95 per month
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