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Xblue X16

Xblue X16

Considered by many experts as the ideal phone system for a small business (up to 12 employees), the Xblue X16 is not only easy to use and install, it also has all the features you need!

When compared to most office phone systems available online, the X16 stands out because you can easily host a full employee directory with it; and this means look-up and call forwarding with no trouble.

Why is the Xblue X16 one of our best-selling systems? Well, this small business phone system includes the features and functionality of a big-company PBX for a price that is affordable for companies of any size. Additionally, its phones are available in five different colors that will complement any décor you might have at the office.

If you have any questions about the Xblue X16 or you need any help with purchasing or installing your new Xblue X16, call one of our specialists at 1-800-390-1200 or email us at info@telcodepot.com. We are here to help!


Xblue X16 Business Phone System with 4 Phones Budget Package CH

This Xblue X16 phone system with 4 phones is an exceptional bargain for the home office or small office.
SKU #: XB2022-04-CH, MODEL: XB2022-04-CH
List Price: $ 1,299.99
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Xblue X16 System Info

For a small office (on a tight budget) looking for a telephone system with big features, the Xblue X16 is a real bargain. This system supports caller ID, features built-in voicemail and can also handle up to 4 phone lines. Take a look at some our videos and you'll discover the X16 gives you everything you need to get started.

Now, while this all-inclusive system is to install and maintain, you can rest assure that you will get all the support you need from our Telco Depot National Installation Team. Also, our popular Do-it-yourself training videos provide all the information you’ll need.
And don't forget to click here to learn more about the Standard Upgrade Package, this way you’ll add real value to your Xblue X16 purchase!

Buy with confidence!

Our mission is to have customers for life. Check our online reviews and contact us if you have any questions.

Xblue X16 Phone System in Detail

Looking to buy 2-line or 4-line phones at an office supply store? Then the XBlue X16 phone system for small offices is what you need. The X16 is specifically designed for an office environment with up to 12 users that need to handle anything from basic telephone services (like making and taking calls or having someone pick up the line at another extension) to big system features, such as Voicemail and Automated Attendant.

Right out of the box, this small office telephone system can bring 4 incoming lines and even connect up to sixteen X16 phones. As mentioned before, installation is a breeze: you just plug in the box, the phones, and the telephone lines and you are good to go.
Thanks to its simple design this phone system shares four stations over one bus while also simplifying the wiring enough, so that every connection to the X16 is terminated in sequence to connect four phones. In addition, system programming is minimal and it essentially comes to setting up the Automated Attendant features of the system and modifying its default timers.

X16 small office phone system does not require PC or website connection to be programmed, because all programming can be done via telephone.

Xblue X16 Feature List

  • Auto Attendant with Day and Night Greetings
  • Blue Backlit LCD Display w/ Power Saver Mode
  • Call Forward to Voicemail
  • Call Transfer
  • Caller ID and Call Waiting Caller ID
  • CO Line Busy/Idle Status (LED)
  • CO Line Ringing (programmable)
  • Conference (3-way)
  • Daylight Savings (Automatic with Caller ID)
  • Direct Station Select - Busy Lamp Field (DSS/BLF)
  • Display Number Dial
  • Distinctive Ringing
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Express Conferencing
  • Flash Timer
  • Hands Free Answer
  • Handset/Headset Volume Control
  • Headset Activation
  • Hold
  • Holiday Alternate Greetings for Auto Attendant
  • Hot Dial Pad
  • Intercom Calling
  • Intercom Paging
  • Last Number Redial Log
  • Meet me Answer (Paging)
  • Message Waiting
  • Music on Hold Internal/External
  • Mute with LED indication
  • Navigation Keys
  • New Message Count in Display
  • Phone Book Dialing
  • Programmable Buttons (12)
  • Programmable Operator Position
  • Programmable Pause (Speed Bins)
  • Redial
  • Ringer Volume Control
  • Speed Dial Buttons
  • Time in Display
  • Tone/Pulse
  • Weekend Alternate Greetings on Auto Attendant

Xblue X16 Pros & Cons

  • Inexpensive entry-level phone system
  • Includes basic Auto-Attendant
  • Each phone has individual extension and voicemail
  • Easy to maintain
  • Same portability as an IP-based system
  • "Eye Catching" backlit blue LCD display
  • Ask about our extended warranty upgrade!
  • Limited feature set.
  • May require professional installation
  • Cordless Phones require additional adaptors
  • Cannot transfer call to external phone number
  • No IP-based features (voicemail to email, VoIP, remote extensions)
  • Only 1 phone model to choose from
  • No paging port (additional hardware required)
  • The included music on hold is not pleasing (additional hardware recommended)

Compare: XBlue X16 vs. XBlue X-50

Easy features and technology comparisons of the best selling options in stock. Make an informed decision.


Feature Xblue X-50       Xblue X16
Station Capacity 25 16
Incoming Lines 6 FXO 8Voip 6
Advanced Key System Features:
Line appearances (Key System operation)
Flexible ring assignment
Day/Night ring schedule - LIMITED
Manual Day/Night
Holiday Mode - LIMITED
Intercom w/ handsfree answer
Auto Attendant (business hours) - LIMITED
Auto Attendant (after hours) - LIMITED
Voicemail to Email
Virtual Mailbox
Basic restrict-all toll restriction
Backlit display
Cordless Ready Need adapter and Analoge Cordless
Find Me Only on Voip Trunks

Advanced Key System Features:
Flexible toll restriction
Flexible numbering plan
SIP trunk capable
DID lines Only on Voip Trunks
Remote phones - LIMITED
3-party conferencing
Conference bridge
Call appearances/park (PBX operation
PC Attendant
Multi-office networking
Ring Group/UCD -4

Administration Features:
Self installable
Telco Depot installation available
Remote programming
Programming from Telco Depot NOC
Software upgradable

O = Optional Software Required

Telco Depot

XBlue FAQs

What is the Xblue X16?

The XBlue X16 4-Line is a remarkable telephone system for small and home offices. Ideal for companies with up to 12 employees, the X16 includes tons of features, such as: auto attendant to answer and process calls, intercom and voicemail, one touch recording of “live conversations”, memo record, hot dial pad, and more.

This "all in one" small office telephone system supports up to 6 phone lines (with an expansion card), and it can also connect to standard telephone lines. The Xblue X16 is easy to install and provides you with all the features your business will ever need.

Why Choose the Xblue X16 Business Phone System?

  • All the features you need.
  • Value priced compared to other phone systems.
  • Hosts a full employee directory.
  • Supports up to 6 incoming phone lines and 16 extensions
  • DSS/BFL buttons allow you to monitor your team.
  • Provides professional audio greeting for calling customers.
  • Easy to install and maintain.

Is the Xblue X16 business phone system complicated to install?

The X16 is not difficult to install, but it may require professional installation if you are not familiarized with the way phone systems work. However, you can watch our Do-it-yourself videos or check out the Xblue Networks installation guide and try installing it yourself.

If you need technical support, our Telco Depot Nationwide installation team can help you. Just call at 1-800-390-1200.

Can I record a message for Auto Attendant?

Yes. The system has automated attendant and you can record a custom message. Simply access the system settings and you will find an option to record auto attendant messages there.

Is the Xblue X16 an IP system or an analog system?

The X16 is an analog phone system and cannot support VoIP phones. It also doesn’t come with upgradable software.

How can I add phones to the X16?

To add phones to the Xblue X16 simply connect them to the system’s digital extension ports (on the left side of the server). Keep in mind that there are only four ports on the unit, but you can use a splitter to accommodate 16 digital phones or, if it suits your needs better, 1 digital telephone and 15 cordless phone modules.


Customer Reviews

  1. 5
    by Mary James
    , March 23, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    The X16 is an inexpensive solution. You have no idea how easy it is to install it! This system comes with important features like automated attendant, voicemail, and caller ID. The X16 phones are very elegant as well. I must say it's simple to set up, simple to program and works great.

    The X16 is user-friendly. If I have to say something negative, I'd say I've had some issues with the system's auto attendant feature. But, besides that, I have had this system for more than 2 years now and it is working flawlessly. You can set up all functions and settings on any phone. Sound quality is excellent.


  2. 4
    by George
    , July 31, 2014 at 8:04 pm

    I am not a tech savvy person, but I installed the X16 myself! The system includes a quick self-install guide, which is very useful. I looked for several phone systems from different brands and I found out the best solution for my business was the X16.

    The XBlue X-50 has all the features a small business may need, but it sometimes does a poor job recognizing touch tones from incoming calls. Having said that, I think the X16 seems to be the best option for a small office.

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