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Get reliable, low-cost and high-end Phone Systems from brands like Avaya, Allworx, Cisco and Panasonic at 40% off. We guarantee you will find here a communications solution tailored to your company’s needs. At TelcoDepot.com we make getting the right system for your office a breeze.

Designed from the ground up for small and medium-sized businesses, all the equipment from TelcoDepot.com enable your organization to connect with your clients more efficiently, reduce local and long distance call costs, eliminate troublesome phone wiring, and provide easier call control and extension management.

We understand that most businesses find making the switch to VoIP overwhelming, and that’s why our telecom experts -with more than 20 years of experience and thousands of clients served throughout the United States and Canada-, will provide the expertise required to help you determine the best system for your unique business needs and budget.

Take a look at our comprehensive selection of business phones below and call us for any inquiries or free for technical assistance at 1-800-390-1200 or send us an email to info@telcodepot.com. Remember to ask about out our 30 day, 100% money back guarantee!

Main Benefits

Featured Products:

  • Everything You Need to Know About Phone Systems

    As a cutting-edge communications solution, a Phone System is a tool used to make incoming and outgoing calls more efficient by leveraging call advanced features for businesses, like: call transfer, conference calling, and automated menus among many others.

    In other words, phones let you connect efficiently to a caller through one or multiple lines, dedicated menus and/or extension numbers. Both small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from these systems because they allow...

    • Easier and more effective networking
    • Time-saving communications through an organized structure
    • Cost-saving features that reduce call costs up to 50%
    • Lower local and long distance calling rates
    • Higher quality sound

    The most innovative systems from TelcoDepot.com create private networks to benefit from Internet calling, in order to reduce costs, and make phone calls easier to manage from web-based applications.

    At TelcoDepot.com we understand that navigating through the myriad of options available can be intimidating, but we do our best to make everything easier for you. The wide variety of industry leading brands available on our site is backed up by an unparalleled 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

    Additionally, our specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the telecom industry will offer you free Expert Advice and get you a step closer to the right telecom solution for your requirements whenever you need it. With TelcoDepot.com you get advanced equipment that is reliable, scalable and affordable. At Telcodepot we carry most system brands and technologies. We will match the right technology and brand that fits your needs best.

  • How to Choose the Right System

    In order to choose the right system for your company, just answer these 5 key questions. While it might seem time-consuming, please remember that choosing a system is an important investment that requires a well-informed decision. In fact, this is a long-term investment, and therefore, important to get the right combination of hardware, features and room for future growth.

    Decide On The Call Handling Features Needed

    1. What Call Handling Features Do You Need?

    Take a good look at this list of common features and consider which ones might help your business:

    1. 1. Automated Attendant
    2. 2. LCD Display
    3. 3. Flexible Menu Button Assignments
    4. 4. Automatic Redial
    5. 5. Background Music
    6. 6. Caller ID
    7. 7. Call Distribution
    8. 8. Call queuing
    9. 9. Conference Calling
    1. 10. Video Conference
    2. 11. DISA: Direct System Inward Access
    3. 12. Least Cost Routing
    4. 13. Traffic Reports
    5. 14. Fax Detection / Fax server
    6. 15. Remote workers
    7. 16. Multiple companies
    8. 17. Multiple systems networking

    Of course, these are just a few of the most popular features in business phones. If you didn't find the feature you need, please ask one of our experts now.

    Determine The Number Of Potential And Actual Users

    2. How Many Potential And Actual Users Are There?

    Who answers the phone in your office? Do you have a receptionist? How many people are there in your office? How many of them actually need phones? Do you have any remote workers? How many employees are you planning to add over the next few years?

    It's important to answer these questions, because you want a scalable system that can grow with your company, and depending on the equipment you choose, you will be able to add phones or lines at will in the future.

    Remember to determine...

    • Your current number of employees
    • Your potential number of employees
    • Your employees' current and potential location (for remote extensions if necessary)
    Anticipate Call Volume

    3. How Many Calls Come in on Average?

    How many of your employees work with phones? How many inbound and outbound calls are handled every day? Try to compare these numbers and decide whether your workers need separate extensions or separate phones. At the same time, this data will help you determine the number of lines or extensions needed.

    Select the Type of Hardware

    4. Do You Prioritize Mobility?

    Is your staff always on the move? Do they spend the day making phone calls from their desks? Whether you prioritize mobility or you spend most of your time at the office, you'll either need a system with a powerful range or a fixed phone. You can mix both options, but if budget constraints don't allow it, pick a phone that will allow it in the future.

    Think Technology: Analog, VoIP, PBX, Hosted PBX, Other

    5. Analog, VoIP or PBX?

    • Analog systems are ideal for companies that want to keep their current lines and are simply looking for a more efficient system to manage their phone calls.
    • VoIP phones are ideal to reduce phone bills, because they use an Internet connection to make phone calls.
    • PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems are very customizable, and recommended for mid-sized to large businesses.
    • Hosted PBX phones work over the Internet with an IP PBX and are hosted by a service provider.
    • Hybrid systems allow you to combine and switch between Analog lines and Voice Over IP.
  • Most Popular

    These are the four main types of systems available. And to make things easier for you, not only we have provided easy-to-understand definitions for the average user, we have also experts online to answer all of your questions right now!

    Key Systems KSU Less Systems
    Key Systems: These types of systems, known as key system units (KSU), use a telephone cabinet and routing software. They handle calls through analog landlines and are ideal for businesses with up to 40 users. KSU Less Systems: This type of system, usually smaller and less expensive, doesn't need a "unit" or "phone cabinet". However, while their DIY approach makes them popular, the KSU-less system doesn't normally offer many features or room for expansion.
    PBX: These phones are advanced and highly customizable. By allowing companies to use their own network, private branch exchange (PBX) systems use trunk lines to connect telephones to the public network. VoIP Systems: Instead of landlines, these phones send and receive phone calls using an Internet connection. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) needs an optimum matchup between bandwidth and call volume, but it's perfect for companies with up to 2,000 users.
  • Top 10 Things about Phone Systems You Need to Know

    Phone Systems Did you know you can have a local number from anywhere in the United States? In other words, if you have many potential clients in Florida, but your office is in New York, you can have a local phone number from Florida and make it redirect all those phone calls to your system.
    Phone Systems Did you know you can easily have a Toll-Free Number? Adding a toll-free number is simple and fast with a system from TelcoDepot.com. Just dedicate a channel for it, and add a toll-free number to your service.
    Phone Systems Did you know you can have your cell phone ring at the same time someone calls your office? Thanks to the feature "Follow Me Anywhere", you can set up your mobile to ring simultaneously when a client calls your office number (while still keeping your personal separate line).
    Phone Systems Did you know you don't have to miss important phone calls ever again? You can get all the peace of mind you want with the Voice to Email feature. By having your voicemail sent directly to your email account, you won't miss important calls anymore.
    Phone Systems Did you know you can record calls and save them to SD memory cards? There are few things more important than keeping organized records in a company. Now you can record phone calls to SD cards and transfer data more easily and effectively to improve on productivity.
    Phone Systems Did you know that PC-Based phones are compatible with most operating systems? If you can get access to an internet connection, you can use a PC-Based phone. This means they function just as ordinary numbers do, and you can take them almost anywhere.
    Phone Systems Did you know you can have clients call you from your homepage? With Click to Call, every potential client (and even employees) can call you from their computers with a simple click. That's right... No dialing!
    Phone Systems Did you know you can get the latest VoIP features at little or no extra cost? Since most of the main brands and providers have custom applications for mobile devices, you can enable apps on your Android or iPhones and work and play in one place.
    Phone Systems Did you know you can modify your services with call monitoring? Track all your phone calls and find out when you get the most calls in the day or what department is getting the biggest call traffic. By identifying patterns you can develop detailed plans to adapt your business strategies.
    Phone Systems Did you know you can centralize communications with Outlook Integration? Synchronize your voicemail with phonebook, and your messages with your emails. Centralize all the information you need!
  • Most Popular Brands

    Choose a system among industry leading brands such as Avaya, Allworx, Vertical, Panasonic,Cisco, Xblue, NEC, 3CX, AT&T and Samsung.
    Click below to find out more.

    Featured Products
    Affordable Options

    Xblue X16 Digital System - 2 to 16 users

    Starting at $517.88

    Vertical SBX IP Phone System 2 to 40 users

    Starting at $749.98

    Xblue X-50 2 to 24 Users

    Starting at $838.88

    6x - 2 to 60 User VoIP System

    Starting at $1,100.00

    48x - 20 - 250 User VoIP System

    Starting at $450.00

    Telco Depot Voip System

    Starting at $1,915.00

    Avaya IP Office IP 500

    Starting at $1,497.00

    Syspine A50

    Starting at $1,479.99

    Vertical MBX Phone System 2 to 324 Users

    Starting at $538.92

    XBlue X-25 1 to 16 Users

    Starting at $899.00


    Starting at $888.88

    FortiVoice / TalkSwitch VoIP System

    Starting at $695.00

    Panasonic TDA50G Hybrid IP-PBX System

    Starting at $1,088.88

    Cisco UC320W

    Starting at $415.00

    NEC DSX 80

    Starting at $116.58



    Starting at $495.00
  • Compare Phone Brands

    Easy features and technology comparisons of the best selling options in stock. Make an informed decision.

    Feature Allworx 6x Xblue x16
    Advanced Key System Features:
    Line appearances (Key System operation)
    Flexible ring assignment
    Day/Night ring schedule
    Intercom w/ handsfree answer
    Auto Attendant (business hours)
    Auto Attendant (after hours)
    Basic restrict-all toll restriction
    Backlit display 9224 Only
    Advanced Key System Features:
    Flexible toll restriction
    Flexible numbering plan
    SIP trunk capable with adapter
    DID lines (SIP trunks required)
    Remote phones
    3-party conferencing 1 per phone 2 per system
    8-party conference bridge 0
    Call appearances/park (PBX operation)
    PC Attendant 0
    Multi-office networking 0
    Administration Features:
    Self installable
    Telco Depot installation available
    Remote programming
    Programming from Telco Depot NOC
    Software upgradable
    Administration Features: $494 $187
    O = Optional Software Required

    Find out all the pros and cons of an Allworx Phone System.

    Get all the information you need about the popular Allworx 6x and 24x models.

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  • Check Out Our Buyer’s Guide

    Are you a first time buyer? Are you looking to upgrade your outdated systems? Then you should check out our buyer’s guide with in-depth analysis and information! Divided into four parts, this guide will help you understand everything you need to know in order to buy the right business phones for your office.

    Part 1: Find out how and why incoming calls affect the features you should select when buying a new system.

    Part 2: How do your business requirements match your business perception? Are they related to your business size? Learn how the answer to these questions will impact your decision.

    Part 3: Learn all the basic aspects and terminology to understand how phones work and what kind of equipment and features you need to achieve the best possible performance in your office.

    Part 4: Get in-depth information about technical installations, how to get the most out of remote offices, as well as important data on the different kinds of phones available.

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