Avaya IP Office 500 TRUNK PRI UNI Single
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Avaya IP Office 500 TRUNK PRI UNI SingleAvaya IP Office 500 TRUNK PRI UNI SingleAvaya IP Office 500 TRUNK PRI UNI Single
  • Supports up to 24 call appearances
  • Maximum of 4 per IP500 control unit
  • Supports 8-B channels by default
  • Configurable for T1, E1 or E1R2
What is the Avaya IP500 Universal PRI 1 Daughter Card?

This is a type of card that can be added to an IP500 base card to provide it with support for PRI trunks. Keep in mind that the IP500 control unit has 4 slots for inserting cards. These cards can be base cards or daughter cards. Base cards include ports for cable connections while Daughter trunk cards, like this universal 700417439 card, can be added to a base card in order to provide additional capabilities.

The daughter card uses the ports provided on the base card for cable connection. The addition of a daughter trunk card is supported on IP Office 500 Digital Station, Analog Phone and VCM base cards. Each daughter card is supplied with the spacer pegs required for installation and a label to identify it on the physical unit once installed.

Avaya, a leading global provider of communications solutions, is well-recognized for being a trusted brand that provides reliable unified communications solutions to help businesses increase employee productivity, improve customer service and cut costs. Avaya strives to understand small business’ requirements. Besides communications solutions, Avaya provides compatible daughter cards with the Avaya IP 500 phone system.

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Using the Avaya IP Office 500 daughter card

The Avaya IP500 PRI trunk card can be easily installed within an IP500 base card to add support for PRI trunks. The 700417439 card is a single port module supporting E1 PRI (30B+D channels per port); E1R2 PRI (30B channels per port) and T1 robbed bit (24B channels per port) or T1 PRI (23B+D channels per port). The minimum software level for this module is 4.1+. This card initially supports 8-B channels. You can activate additional channels by getting more licenses.

Why Choose the Avaya IP Office IP 500 daughter card?

- It allows you to connect your Avaya system to a PRI interface

- Each card is configurable to connect to T1, E1 or E1R2 lines

- The card comes with visual indicators to show service state

Avaya Feature List
  • - Ports/channels - one PRI trunk port
  • - Supports the following PRI modes:
      *T1 robbed bit (24B channels per port) *T1 PRI (23B+D channels per port) *E1 PRI (30B+D channels per port) *E1R2 PRI (30B channels per port)
  • - License - initially supports eight B-channels
  • - Additional channels are activated by IP500 Universal PRI licenses
  • - Maximum of four per IP500 control unit
Product Description:

The Avaya IP500 daughter card can be added to the IP500 digital station card, IP 500 analog phone card or IP 500 VCM card. The card is available in either a single or dual PRI variant. The single variant can support up to 24 T1 channels or up to 30 E1 channels. The dual variant can support up to 48 T1 channels or 60 E1 channels.

The IP500 PRI daughter card works on any IP500 VCM or extension base card (not the Legacy Card Carrier). Up to four Universal PRI cards can be installed in any combination in the IP500 chassis.

Techical Details
  • T1 robbed bit (24B channels per port)
  • T1 PRI (23B+D channels per port)
  • E1 PRI (30B+D channels per port)
  • E1R2 PRI (30B channels per port)
Product Details:
  • Brand: Avaya
  • Model: IP Office 500
  • Product Category: PRI Trunk card
  • Product Type: IP Office 500 - Trunk Card PRI-U
  • UPC:
  • SKU: 700417439
  • MPN:
Warranty Information:
  • Manufacturer: TelcoDepot.com
Shipping Information:
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Shipping: Worldwide shipping available
Manufacturer Information:

What is the CSU function for?

The IP500 Universal PRI trunk cards incorporate an integrated CSU/DSU. The CSU function allows the trunk to be put in loopback mode for testing purposes. This can be set manually, using the monitor application or automatically from a Central Office sending a Line Loopback (LLB) pattern. The DSU function allows the T1 trunk to be shared between data and voice services.


How compatible is the Avaya IP 500 Universal PRI card?

The Avaya Universal PRI card is compatible with IP500 digital station, analog station, and VCM base Cards. The IP office required is R4.1 or higher. If you have any question about the Avaya IP 500 trunk card, please feel free to contact us.


How many channels can the Avaya IP 500 Universal PRI card support?

The Avaya Universal trunk card supports 8 B-channels by default. Additional channels can be activated by IP500 Universal PRI licenses. These licenses are used to enable additional B-channels above the basic 8 on an IP500 PRI-U card. These channels are configured as in-service from port 9 of slot 1 upwards. D-channels are not affected by licensing. Maximum per IP500 Control Unit: 4. - Software Level: 4.1+.


How many Universal PRI cards can be installed in the IP office 500?

You are enabled to install up to 4 Universal PRI cards (either single or dual) in any combination in the IP500 chassis for a maximum capacity of 8 T1 E1s. IP500 daughter trunk cards can be fitted to existing IP500 base cards to provide support for trunk ports. The daughter card uses the ports provided on the base card for cable connection.

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Customer Reviews

  1. 4
    by Connor T.
    , April 28, 2013 at 4:50 am

    Three years ago, I bought the Avaya IP office 500. I got the Avaya daughter card to provide support for my system. This card uses the physical ports provided on the front panel. This is a great option to enhance the operations of my 500 system. Definitely worth its price!

  2. 4
    by Zachary W.
    , March 9, 2013 at 4:52 am

    I have used the IP office for a while now. This is the third time I have ordered from TelcoDepot and all three shopping experiences have been great. Their representatives have been supportive. I asked them to install the IP office 500 and then the daughter card. They were kind enough to remind me before ordering that the Avaya trunk card is only compatible with IP Office 4.0 or higher.

  3. 5
    by Bayden E.
    , June 11, 2014 at 4:54 am

    If you need to add T1 digital lines, then you need this. The Avaya daughter card provides DTMF, caller ID and busy tone detection. It is also adjustable to echo cancellation. I was very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend it.

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