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LG-Ericsson LDK 6X16 8 Hour In-skin VM w/ Eight 24 Button Phones

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MODEL: PK-1503

LG-Ericsson LDK 6X16 8 Hour In-skin VM w/ Eight 24 Button Phones
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Telco Depot is pleased to offer the LG-Ericsson as its premium digital Key Telephone System for the business with 2 to 40 users and wants the benefit of having all lines appear on all phones.  If you are replacing an existing Key System, the LG-Ericsson LX allows for easy transition as your employees will use the new phone just like the old.  We pre-program this system for you so all you need to handle is the connection to your phone lines and the internal wiring for your offices.  You’ll be able to do your own administration of this system and we’ll back you up with free technical support via the phone or web.

This offers all the basic features of the Xblue X16, but adds advanced features and flexibility such as more flexible ringing plus allows for greater growth.  And the Voicemail included in this package gives you one touch routing from your Automated Attendant and notification that you have messages in your voice mailbox.  Every station port in the base cabinet connects to either the proprietary LDK digital phones or to a standard analog phone such as a cordless phone.  

The LG-Ericsson LDK even lets you go VoIP.  Add the VoIP gateway card and connect LDK IP phones for remote phones or VoIP line service.  Get the best of both worlds; Digital and VoIP with the LDK.  Telco Depot even offers VoIP line service configured specifically for the LDK.  When you order the VoIP gateway card we'll give you 2 lines of VoIP service for 3 months for free.

More than a phone system, the LG-Ericsson LDK can improve operations, intra-company communications, and processes. When you communicate more intelligently, you impact your bottom line.

  • One-touch call recording for more accurate customer orders, compliance & training
  • Hot desking allows a digital phone to be a shared resource
  • Detailed reporting integrates with accounting and other management applications
  • One touch feature button access for easy and intuitive feature operation.
  • LDK IP provides softkeys with intuitive navigation via the LCD of a telephone
  • Mobile extension feature allows incoming calls (on T1/PRI or SIP trunks) to ring your cell phone when you are out of the office

This 6 line, 16 station starter package comes with 8 of the 24-button Digital  speakerphones and includes the integrated voicemail with eight hours of recording time.  You can add to the configuration of your system below by clicking on the different options and then click add to cart to see the total for your configuration.  Everything in the options above have been checked by Telco Depot to work well with the LDK system.

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