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Netgear ProSafe Fiber 1000BASE-SX SFP GBIC Module

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Netgear ProSafe Fiber 1000BASE-SX SFP GBIC Module
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  • Small size for high density fiber connections
  • Meets SFP GBIC standard for use with any SFP GBIC compliant slot
  • 1000BASE-SX connectivity
  • LC connectors
  • Supports both 50um and 62.5um multimode fiber cables
  • Adds fiber connectivity to GSM7328S, GSM7352S, GSM7324, GSM7312, GSM7248, GSM7212, FSM7352S, FSM7328S, FSM7326P, GS748T, GS724T, GS716T, FS750T2, FS726TP, FS726T and JGS524F

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