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Syspine Response Point System (Refurbished)

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Syspine Response Point System (Refurbished)
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Syspine Response Point System (Refurbished)
Syspine Response Point System (Refurbished)
Syspine Response Point System (Refurbished)
Ease of Installation
Syspine Response Point System (Refurbished) Ease of Installation Rating: 10 10 / 10
Ease of Use
Syspine Response Point System (Refurbished) Ease of Use Rating: 7 7 / 10
System Expansion
Syspine Response Point System (Refurbished) System Expansion Rating: 8 8 / 10
Standard Features
Syspine Response Point System (Refurbished) Standard Features Rating: 7 7 / 10
Up to 50 users
Syspine Response Point System (Refurbished) Number of Users Rating: 50 
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Syspine business phone system featuring the Microsoft Response Point operating system.† This Syspine refurbished DOS-A50 Server with 4 phones is a great savings and perfect for the new business looking to begin with a exceptional value for an all IP business telephone system.† Purchase this Syspine Response Point system with confidence with our excellent pre- and post-sales support and backed by our 60-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Refurbished system Includes

  • 4 Refurbished IP Phone-310's - Black
  • 1 Refurbished DOS-A50 Server equipped with 4 POTs line ports
  • Same warranty as new system

Can I add more phones? When you add this bundle to the cart, you will have the option to add additional phones.

Note: If you want to connect remote phones (either IP 310 of softphone) you wll need VPN capable routers at each end. We offer these VPN Routers and we'll be happy to help you with selection of the proper solution.

Syspine Key Features

  • Powered by Microsoft Response Point Software
  • Set-up Wizards for ease of configuration
  • Voicemail to e-mail forwarding
  • Plug and play for external phone line connection
  • Gigabit Ethernet support for DOS-A50
  • Power over Ethernet capability (extra hardware may be required)
  • External and internal caller ID (Name & Number) display
  • Call history (missed calls, received calls, and dialed numbers)
  • 3 way conference

For more information or configuration assistance please start a chat or call 800-390-1200 or 631-964-5000

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