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Telco Depot TD-1000 VoIP Server 8FXO w/4 Yealink Phones

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MODEL: PK-2001

Telco Depot TD-1000 VoIP Server 8FXO w/4 Yealink Phones
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Telco Depot has taken the guess work out of putting together a fantastic VoIP phone system complete with everything you need and with incredible savings!  This system is ideal for the small busines that uses traditional analog (POTS) telephone lines.

This package features the Telco Depot TD-1000 server, equipped with 8 analog line ports for traditional telephone lines and will support up to 50 VoIP phones. 

We've bundled 4 each of the Yealink SIP-T26P, 12-button VoIP phones with the server.  These phones feature High Definition "HD" sound via their Texas Instruments "Titan" chipset.  These high quality, high function phones have been fully tested by Telco Depot for interoperabilty with the TD1000 server. 

Also included are 2 free VoIP channels for 3 months.  We give you a local telephone number and pre-program the account information so the entire system is ready to plug into your network, power up and your lines will be working.  It doesn't get any easier than this!


Customize your System!

Select "Add to Cart" and you'll be taken to a configuration page where you'll be given the opportunity to add phones, VoIP Lines and other peripherials,

Remember, we include pre-programming of this system and pre-configuration of the telephones for a truely simple installation.  You will simply take the server and phones out of the box, plug them into your Local Area Network (LAN) and the system will work!

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