Vertical SBX 6X16, 8 Hour In-skin VM and Eight 24 Button Phones
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Vertical SBX 6X16, 8 Hour In-skin VM and Eight 24 Button PhonesVertical SBX 6X16, 8 Hour In-skin VM and Eight 24 Button PhonesVertical SBX 6X16, 8 Hour In-skin VM and Eight 24 Button Phones
  • Premium digital Key Telephone System
  • Supports VoIP technology
  • All lines appear on all phones
  • One-touch call recording for more accurate orders and training
What is the Vertical SBX 6X16 Business Phone System?

We understand your business grows day by day, so we want to give you the right tools for success. That’s where the Vertical SBX 6X16 comes in. Perfect for growing businesses, Vertical SBX 6X16's cutting-edge system allows up to 40 staff members to be connected to its superior digital phone system. With the same basic features of the Xblue X16, the Vertical SBX is without a doubt the best phone system available on the market.

Users can also take advantage of multi-line appearances with the integrated DECT cordless phone provided by Vertical SBX. All you need to do is connect SBX IP telephones instead of remote phones or VoIP line service, and add the VoIP gateway card. Thanks to the Vertical SBX digital phone system, you can use both digital and VoIP technologies.

Package comes with the following:

This 6 line, 16 station starter package comes with 8 of the 24-button speakerphones and includes the integrated voicemail with eight hours of recording time.

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Using the Vertical SBX 6X16 Business Phone System

Emerging businesses can now improve their team skills thanks to this outstanding system, as it supports better communication, operations, and production. If users are away from their work stations, the mobile extension granted by Vertical SBX business phone system directs inbound calls to their cell phones. Now, business owners and staff members don't need to miss important calls or phone meetings.

Why choose the Vertical SBX 6X16 Business Phone System?

  • - Cutting-edge features and flexibility such as the Nomad Soft Phone
  • - Can add VoIP gateway
  • - Multi-site networking enables smooth collaboration

Product Description:

With Vertical SBX IP, you get support for traditional, digital and analog phones, IP endpoints and softphones for mobile users. SBX IP integrates easily with existing networks – as well as analog, T1/PRI, or SIP trunks – so you can deploy the cost-savings benefits of VoIP immediately or migrate at your own pace. Quick and easy to set up, the Vertical SBX IP system has the scalability to accommodate up to 48 users and lets you network up to 72 sites.

Techical Details
  • - Voice Mail /Auto attendant
  • - Multi-site Networking
  • - SMDR reporting
  • - Mobile Extension
  • - Robust CO Line Support
  • - Parking Page
Product Details:
  • Brand: Vertical
  • Model: Vertical SBX IP
  • Product Category: Phone Systems, Vertical SBX System –2 to 40 users
  • Product Type: SBX 6X16
  • UPC: 7.02479E+11
  • SKU: 4003-48-5
  • MPN: 7.02479E+11
Warranty Information:
  • Manufacturer
  • TelcoDepot.com
Shipping Information:
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:  14 x 16 x 4 inches
  • Shipping: Worldwide shipping available
Manufacturer Information:
Vertical-SBX-6X16-and-Eight-24-Button-Phones Vertical SBX 3X8, 8 Hour In-skin VM and Three 24 Button Phones (b) Vertical SBX 3X8, 8 Hour In-skin VM and Three 24 Button Phones (c)

What does the starter package offer?

This fully-featured package offers a Vertical SBX expansion cabinet, a Vertical SBX 6X16 expansion card, a Telco Depot music on hold MP3 player with Flash Drive, and three Vertical 24-button digital telephones. This three line, eight station starter package also includes a uniquely integrated voicemail with eight hours of recording time.


Is it an easy transition when replacing an existing Key System with the Vertical SBX?

Yes! It’s extremely easy to switch from a Key System to the Vertical SBX. Your Vertical SBX provider pre-programs the system for you. All you need to do is connect the internal wiring and your phone lines at your office. This saves you tons of money on installation and maintenance. Thanks to Vertical SBX’s simplicity, you can manage its administration on your own.


How many users does the Vertical SBX 6X16 accommodate?

Offering the latest advances in converged IP telephony, the practical Vertical SBX can adjust up to 48 extensions to each telephone system and support 12 analog CO lines. Up to 72 SBX IP systems can be networked together, thanks to this cutting-edge telephone system provided by Vertical.


What makes the Vertical SBX 6X16 phone system stand out from the competition?

This can be answered in one word: FEATURES, FEATURES, FEATURES! The top-of-the-line Vertical SBX 6X16 phone system has a wide array of features that makes it stand out from the competition, and give your growing business added value. These features include speed dial, speakerphone, 3 line LCD display, voicemail, 8 flexible buttons, automatic redial, one touch feature button access, caller ID, and so much more.


Is the Vertical SBX IP easy to use?

Yes… Luckily, it is unbelievably easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to install! VoIP is made uncomplicated thanks to Vertical SBX IP. SBX IP supports IP and traditional endpoints in addition to SIP trunking in an individual system. Therefore, growing businesses can be flexible about when and how VoIP is expanded.


What does this package include?

This 6 line, 16 station starter package comes with 8 of the 24-button speakerphones and includes the integrated voicemail with eight hours of recording time.

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Customer Reviews

  1. 4
    by Leonard Freeman
    , August 2, 2014 at 9:32 pm

    My boss recently made me look for several phone system options for our new location.  At first, I was a little confused by all the different options out there, but it eventually came down to 3. My boss decided to go with the Vertical SBX, since he really liked the idea of having all lines appear on all phones. Now my boss is considering setting up Vertical SBX 6X16 phone systems in the rest of our offices.

  2. 5
    by Chris Matthews
    , July 24, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    The Vertical SBX phone system we got for our main office is way superior in performance compared to my company's previous phone system. Besides being a lot more flexible, it has a lot of cool features that really help speed things up in today's fast-paced business world. We are using the VoIP line service, and it’s unbelievable how stable phone calls are even when we have poor internet connection.

  3. 4
    by Martina Ferrara
    , January 10th, 2014 at 9:33 pm

    I bought the Vertical SBX 6X16 about a year ago, and I’m absolutely in love with this telephone system. It’s the number one choice for today's dynamic and growing single and multi-location business. No other communications system can offer the same value. I highly recommend it. This system makes communications so easy!

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