Xblue X16 Business Phone System with 4 Phones Budget Bundle CH
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Xblue X16 Business Phone System with 4 Phones Budget Bundle CHXblue X16 Business Phone System with 4 Phones Budget Bundle CHXblue X16 Business Phone System with 4 Phones Budget Bundle CH
  • Up to 6 telephone lines
  • Integrated voicemail
  • Cell phone-like navigation keys
  • Express Conferencing
What is the Xblue X16 Business Phone System?

The Xblue X16 is ideal for small businesses with 2-12 employees. It also has integrated features to help you with all your communication needs in and out of the office. The X16 is easy to install and gives you all the functionality of a large company for a smaller budget.

This bundle includes the X16 Control Unit and 4 Charcoal "Black"digital telephones. If you need any help during the installation process, please check our technical videos or our FAQ’s section below. This system is designed specifically for an office environment that only needs to handle basic telephone services: make a call, take a call, put a call on hold and have someone pick up the line at another extension; page individuals or intercom extensions with hands free answerback. For big system features the X16 has a basic Automated Attendant and Voicemail.

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Using the Xblue X16

The X16 digital telephones offer high quality sound and provide an easy to read interactive LCD display. Its LCD interactive buttons allow you to access your own personal phone book entries, review Caller ID information and check your Call log at any time. The helpful navigation keys let you scroll through and easily access all the X16's abundant features, making it the easiest phone system to use in the industry.

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*Installation times are only estimates. Average time may vary depending if your network is operational and your phone wiring is in place.

Product Description:

The XBlue X16 is an easy-to-install small office phone system that comes equipped with the X16 Voice Server and 4 lines (that you can expand up to 6 lines). The X16 digital phones included come in Charcoal "Black". This designer phone series is both attractive and stylish with an eye-catching backlit blue LCD display. Bundle includes the X16 control unit and 4 digital telephones.

Techical Details
  • - Display Number Dial
  • - Distinctive Ringing
  • - Express Conferencing
  • - Flash Timer
  • - Hands Free Answer
  • - Headset Activation
  • - Hot Dial Pad
  • - Intercom Calling
  • - Intercom Paging
  • - Last Number Redial Log
Product Details:
  • Brand: XBlue Networks
  • Model: Blue16
  • Product Category: Phone Systems Xblue X16 Digital System - 2 to 16 users
  • Product Type: XBlue x16
  • UPC: 898794002146
  • SKU: XB2022-04-CH-5
  • MPN: 898794002146
Warranty Information:
  • Manufacturer
  • TelcoDepot.com
Shipping Information:
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 8 x 3 inches
  • Shipping: Worldwide shipping available
Manufacturer Information:
Xblue X16 Business Phone System with 4 Phones Budget Bundle CH Xblue X16 Business Phone System 8 Phone Budget Package TM (d) Xblue X16 Business Phone System 8 Phone Budget Package CH (b)

Is it complicated to install the Xblue X16 business phone system?

No, it is actually very simple. You can install the Xblue x16 and program it yourself. Watch our videos and learn how to install the Xblue X16 step by step or check out the helpful Xblue Networks installation guide. However, if do-it-yourself is not for you, our experienced Telco Depot installation team can help. Keep in mind that since this phone system has a standard analog phone input, it can also be installed outside the U.S.


Can I record a message for Auto Attendant?

The X-16 phone system includes the automated attendant feature. You can record your personalized message by accessing the system settings; there you will find an option to record auto attendant messages. Click here to learn to set up the auto attendant feature. With the Xblue X16 you are now able to replace the standard computerized voice. There are three automated attendant configurations. AA Only is ideal if you have a receptionist. With All Ext Off the caller will hear the outgoing message. All Ext On enables all phones to ring simultaneously when there is an incoming call.


Is the Xblue X16 VoIP or analog?

The Xblue x16 phone system is analog. It cannot support VoIP phones. With an analog system initial costs are very low. The Xblue X16 is built on (plain old telephone service) POTS, which is a reliable system, provides high voice quality and includes features like hold, mute, redial, speed dial and more. Software is not upgradable in this system.


How can I add phones to the Xblue X16 phone system?

You can add up to 16 digital telephones or 1 digital telephone and up to 15 cordless telephone modules (1645-00). Telephones can be added to the system by connecting them to the digital extension ports, located on the left side of the server. Since there are only four digital ports on the unit, a splitter can be used to accommodate all 16 connections.Click here for more details about digital extensions of Xblue X16.


How can I set up voicemail?

Users can set up and adjust their own voicemail greetings. Follow these steps to access voicemail programming:

1) Press the Program Button

2) Scroll to Phone Setup and press Enter (it’s the center navigation button)

3) Scroll up to Voicemail Setup and press Enter

4) Scroll up or down to access individual settings

The remote code is used internally to access a phone’s voice mailbox. The Personal OGM is heard by a caller once they are forwarded to a voice mailbox. Clear my VMSG allows users to delete all existing voicemail messages in the mailbox. Finally, the feature call screening mimics an answering machine.

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Customer Reviews

  1. 4
    by Louise Beau

    I was looking to save some money and still get the best phone for my home business. I have a small design firm with 3 other employees, and we definitely needed a package like this one. Overall the Xblue X16 has proved to be a quality phone with amazing features, and it handles our workload pretty well. The installation process isn't difficult, but because I didn't have any prior experience I contacted Telco Depot’s customer support. They were very eager to help me get my system up and running. I definitely recommend this to all small business owners out there.

  2. 5
    by Mary Daniels
    , June 3, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    I spent a few days looking for the right phone for my spa, until one of our customers recommended the Xblue X16. I must say I’m glad I took her word. This has been a great investment for our small business. I installed it myself with no trouble. I configured it myself as well to use the automated attendant feature when we’re closed. Now, customers can request their appointments after business hours.

  3. 5
    by Laura Davern
    , May 5, 2014 at 11:39 pm

    I bought the Xblue X16 for my company, and it’s great for my type of business because it allows me to keep constant communication with vendors and suppliers without worrying about my next phone bill. I've had the X16 from XBlue for a few months now and I can’t recommend it enough. It was easy to install by myself and it’s a very intuitive phone. This phone system provides a great user experience for businesses that are not necessarily big companies.

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