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How to Configure XBLUE's Auto Attendant to Answer Your Calls on a Delayed Basis?

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to XBLUE features is how to program the automated attendant to answer calls on a delayed basis. This action, that will allow you time to answer all the calls live, is easy to set up and you will soon find out:

  • 1. Go into your programming mode for the system.
  • 2. Now scroll up twice to get to mail system and press enter.
  • 3. Scroll down once to auto attendant ring.
  • 4. Press enter and scroll down to get All Extension ON (this will allow ringing on all extensions).
  • 5. Press enter to go back to the original menu.

Now, simply scroll down to Auto Answer - Answer Delay Timing. By default that option will be set to six seconds; you need to move that up to about 25 seconds so that it will allow for an average of four rings. And thatís it! Youíve set the auto attendant to answer on a delayed basis.

Learn how to set up your Xblue's Automated Attendant to answer your calls on a delayed basis. This is for the user that wants to live answer their calls and let the AA pick up only when no one is available.

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