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Introducing the XBLUE Networks X-50 Small Business VoIP Phone System

Did you know the installation and programming of your telephone system can double or even triple the total cost of your new phone system? Not to mention the added future expensive professional service calls for basic programming changes or to add a telephone line or phone to your system. You certainly don't want to throw more good money away upgrading your old phone system when you can install a new X-50 telephone system from XBLUE Networks for often less than the cost of an upgrade.

How easy it is to self-install the award-winning XBLUE X-50 telephone system?

It's very easy to install. The X-50 is the first Voice over IP small business telephone system specifically designed for easy and quick self-installation for any business with 2 to 24 employees. In fact, the X-50 won the Consumer Electronic Show Design and Engineering Award for its simple and innovative self-install design. You just need to keep your X-50 quick self-install guide handy for easy do-it-yourself step by step directions.

Even the look and feel of the XBLUE X-50 is efficient and user-friendly. The system itself only needs the following components:

  • 1. The X-50 server which is also a wireless router
  • 2. The X-50 2020 IP Telephone
  • 3. The modular 24 button telephone console

XBLUE X-50: Step by step installation

First of all, connect the LAN port of your X-50 System to the 8 port data switch provided (or if you already have an existing data switch you can use it if you prefer). To connect your telephone, simply plug the X-50 telephone into your existing data jack and your computer into your telephone. Keep in mind that both your phone and your computer now work of the same data cabling and jack.

Everything you need to know about the X-50

The X-50 is an all-inclusive system that's fully equipped with all the features your business will ever need, which also means no additional hidden expenses to add optional features. Popular features like Automatic Receptionist, Voicemail, Caller ID, Conference and forwarding calls automatically to your cell phone are all standard features on the X-50.

Additionally, your X-50 telephone six line backlit LCD display makes all the features very accessible and easy to use. Definitely one of the most popular benefits of the X-50 system is its fully integrated off-site telephone operation for a home office or remote worker. And the best part: There are no additional expenses! All you need to install an X-50 telephone off-site is an internet connection at the remote location.

What makes the X-50 popular?

The ease of one step calling in the X-50 telephone console is also very popular. You just plug the modular console into the side of you X-50 telephone and now you have 24 extra buttons for telephone line appearances, one touch calling and busy telephone indication lights to see at a glance who is on the phone.

Now, to also keep things easier for all your local and long distance telephone calls, the X-50 provides a couple of good options: You can always use traditional telephone lines provided by your telephone company or cable provider or (to save even more money with your X-50 system) you can order XBLUE's high quality Voice over IP telephone lines.

Digital or VoIP: Does the X-50 work differently?

Do you prefer digital or VoIP? Regardless of which option you choose, the installation of your telephone lines is very simple. If you use traditional telephone lines, plug your telephone line into the port of the system marked LINE. And if you choose XBLUE's digitally integrated telephone lines, it's even simpler to install, as we use your current internet connection to set up all of your telephone lines.

The last step for quick installation is to simply plug-in the X-50 server power cord. The X-50 phones are automatically ready to go and you're done with the physical installation. As you can see, you certainly don't need to be a telephone system installation professional to self-install your own X-50 telephone system.

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