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What To Expect!

What To Expect

Hello, I’m Elliot, the Sr. Web Architect here at Telco Depot. 

We’ve worked very hard on this site to create a truly unique shopping experience; we hope you enjoy this.

We’ve combined a great deal of product and industry information into a simple logic for navigation.  When you look at an individual system and you know exactly what you want to buy, you can go straight to adding product to your shopping cart.  If you don’t know about the systems I encourage you to click on the “Dig Deeper” button and we will walk you through a detailed description, a feature listing, a comparison of the systems we offer and finally a “pros & cons” section with our personal views for each system. 

Another of my innovative designs lets you configure a telephone system simply by adding the Server/KSU to the cart and we then allow you to select options and telephones.  This method gives you a summary of line items for that system.  Do this for multiple systems and you can compare pricing and options right on the spot.  Simply edit the individual systems to fine tune your configuration and selection of options and when you decide which system you like, you can simple delete the others and continue.


We understand that very few people know much about their telephone system, you just expect the phone to do everything you ask of it.  To that end, you should expect to easily navigate through a product, dig as deep as you like into the details and go straight to the purchase when you’re ready.  If we’ve failed at this, please send me your input or pick up the phone and call me.  Hyperlink Message 

As always, we are here to answer any question so simply call us at 800-390-1200.  We’d love to help you.

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Any time Iíve needed something, youíre on top of it immediately. Thank you guys for always being so helpful when I need it!Eric Lichtfuss
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