Powerful Features of the Aastralink Pro 160 Phone System

What is the Foreign Exchange Office feature?
This feature gives you the ability to have a local number any where in the world without paying the real price of having your business phone line actually extend to that specific area. For example a business in florida can have a phone line in china without paying insane amounts for a long distance connection, this is beneficial  to a small or medium sized company who wants the appearance of a large multi location business.

What is the "Find Me Follow Me" feature?
The Find Me Follow Me (FMFM or "Follow Me") feature is an extension of call forwarding. With call forwarding, a call that normally rings on your office desk phone can be forwarded to another phone, such as your cell phone. FMFM allows you to assign several different numbers to which your calls can be forwarded. When you recieve a call on one of those assigned numbers all of the designated phones ring also. You can configure the calls to be forwarded in specific order or at the same time.

How to Use the Xblue X16 Phone Book Feature

Using the Xblue x16 Phone System Phone Book feature. How do I save entries on an Xblue x16 phone? How do I access numbers already saved on an Xblue x16 phone? Telco Depot shows you how!

Syspine Response Point Software Downloads

Obtain programming software and the latest 310 IP Phone Firmware downloads for the Syspine Response Point system by clicking on the provided links.

Xblue X16 Phone System Pros and Cons

Weigh up the pros and cons of the Xblue X16 phone system to make an informed purchasing decision.

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