Voicemail Features of the Aastralink Pro 160

What is Voicemail to Email?
This feature allows your voicemail to be emailed to you automatically in a .wav or real audio format allowing it to be played on your computer or smart phone. New phone systems are starting to add this as a standard feature, sometimes called "unified messaging."

What is Visual Voicemail?
The Aastralink Pro 160 IP phones feature Visual Voicemail, which allows information such as new messages, and the caller name and extension to be displayed on the phone's LCD screen through Aastra's user interface menu . This is different from listening to the usual voicemail attendant, which tells you to push 4 to replay, push 3 and then # to delete, and forces you to listen to all your messages in order. Aastra has improved upon the voicemail system to make it more efficient for you. You still have to listen to your voicemail...it just gives you an alternate method of managing it.

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