All You Need to Know About the Allworx 6x Phone System

The Allworx 6x VoIP Phone System - Expandable to 60 Users

The 6x from Allworx is the perfect all IP system for a professional office or for any business that needs or wants the combination of remote phones or to save money with SIP trunking.

This is one of our most advanced phone systems in terms of enterprise features sets and capabilities. We will install the 6x Server for you and then you take over the maintenance of the server with us backing you up. You experience real total cost of ownership savings over the life of the system.

The 6x is a true key system replacement with its 12 and 24-button IP telephones.If you are replacing an outdated traditional phone system, why change the way in which you handle your calls? With true key system line appearances, your employees will find the new phones to feel similar and will pick up calls on line buttons, place a call on hold, intercom and pick up calls just like on the old phone system you had. Virtually all other IP system requires PBX setup meaning park and page and transferring all calls.

The Allworx 6x phone system comes licensed for up to 30 users, 6 incoming traditional phone lines and has unlimited SIP trunking. The system is expandable in terms of phones and telephone lines with the purchase of additional software and hardware required. You will be able to also connect cordless phones, conference phones and even external paging equipment if you require.

For the more advanced user and businesses that have employees on the go the Allworx Reach will come in very handy! The Allworx Reach application can be downloaded from any Android or Apple store and does require a Reach user license in order to use the application on your Allworx 6x phone system. The Reach application will allow your employees to make and receive calls just like they were at the office. In addition to making phone calls, you can manage your phone's presence, manage voicemail's, access park ques and you will also be able to access all the user's of your phone system with one touch dialing. Each Allworx phone system comes with one Reach application license, so you are able to try it out first and see if it can benefit you and your business!

Like the way the Reach application sounds, but your not on the road often? Then you can try the Allworx Interact Pro for your computer. The Allworx Interact also requires licenses and the purchase of your new Allworx phone system will come with one of these licenses; so you are able to decide for yourself if the software will be a benefit for your business. The Allworx Interact will allow you to manage calls, park calls, one-click dial contacts, see busy lamp appearance for all users and you can even record your phone calls.

To learn more and to find out if the Allworx 6x phone system is the right fit for you and your business, please give us a call at 800-390-1200 and we can discuss your personal needs
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