Complete Feature List of the Allworx Phone System

Allworx Feature List:

Phone interface:

  • 30 user extensions (e.g., individuals) with voicemail and 30 system extensions (e.g., conference rooms) without voicemail.
  • Optional software upgrade available for 31– 60 users/extensions.(requires 31-60 user optional license)
  • Six RJ-11 dedicated loop-start FXO ports, expandable to 24 with Allworx Px 6/2 Expanders.
  • Two standard, dedicated RJ-11 FXS ports for analog phones or fax. Expandable to 8 FXS ports with Allworx Px 6/2 Expanders.
  • VoIP capable (Voice Over Internet Protocol).
  • Supports SIP 2.0 (Session Initiation Protocol) for VoIP.
  • Allworx supports both analog and VoIP phones.
  • All VoIP phones are connected on Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Power Fail Phone Port for a dedicated analog phone ensures connectivity during power failure.
  • Industrial strength surge protection built into all analog ports.
  • TAPI compliant (included for all users with Call Assistant license.
  • Each Allworx handset can have its own Direct Inward Dial (DID) information (requires SIP).
  • 3-Way Calling — each Allworx phone on the network can support its own three-way call.
  • Seamless integration with Call Assistant.
  • “Park” and “Hold” buttons on the handset.
  • Fast and simple navigation of scrollable phone menus.
    • Unified messaging:

      • Receive, review and respond to all email and voicemail in one Inbox.
      • Listen to, forward and delete voicemail messages via PC.
      • Supports and consolidates multiple email accounts and phone extensions per user.
      • Supports voicemail notification to cellular text messaging services.
      • Additional voicemail storage available via external USB hard drive.
      • Compatible with any POP3 or IMAP4 email client.

      Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP):

      • Connect the Allworx 6x to an ITSP and drastically reduce phone charges.
      • Supports both ITSP and traditional phone lines (Central Office lines) simultaneously.
      • Apply different dialing rules to different telephone services (i.e., ITSP vs. local telephone company).
      • SIP Call Appearance functionality with incoming and outgoing VoIP calls.
      • Allworx 6x is compatible with various ITSPs.

      Off-Site Calling Access:

      • Make outbound calls through the Allworx system by calling into your voicemail from anywhere.
      • Authentication prevents abuse.
      • Off-site Access calls leverage the company’s Caller ID information and local system phone lines (analog or SIP).
      • Call information is tracked for call detail reports.
      • To make multiple calls, external dial tone returns after recipient hangs up.

      Presence management:

      • Each phone user gets seven unique phone presences (In Office, At A Meeting, On Vacation, On Business Trip, At Home, Away, Busy).
      • Current presence is displayed on Allworx phones and built-in My Allworx Manager site for other users to see.
      • Call routing structure can be changed by the Allworx System Administrator via the system software or by authorized users over the Internet via My Allworx Manager.
      • User can “toggle” between presence settings via Allworx phone display, voicemail or My Allworx Manager site software.
      • Each presence setting has its own call routing structure that can be changed at any time.
      • Users can record a separate voicemail greeting for each of their presences.

      Multi-site calling:

      • Each Allworx 6x can connect to other Allworx units
      • Supports up to 99 other sites.
      • Calls between offices are free over the Internet.
      • Calls can be seamlessly transferred between sites.
      • VPN connection not required.
      • Multi-site extensions allows businesses to setup and use a unique 3-digit or 4-digit uniform dialing plan across Allworx servers.


      • Receive SMS text message alerts on your cell phone when voicemail is left at the office.
      • Escalate your text message alerts to multiple mailboxes and email addresses.
      • Listen to and manage voicemail in your email Inbox or over the phone.
      • Eight-port voicemail system; date and time stamping.
      • Twelve hours of voicemail (with 512 MB Compact Flash).
      • Messages can be listened to, saved, deleted or forwarded to another extension.
      • Direct access to voicemail from on and off site.
      • Message Waiting and New Call indicators supported through Allworx phones and client software.
      • Voicemails can be sent to any POP3 or IMAP4 email client.
      • One phone can display multiple voicemail indicator lights.

      Auto attendant:

      • Nine unique auto attendants
      • Time-dependent Auto Attendant routing options for day and night mode business hours.
      • Compatible with Music-On-Hold and Overhead Paging systems. (requires external equipment)
      • Auto attendant can be fully customized.
      • Follow-Me-Anywhere calling
      • Routing can simultaneously follow multiple phones, including outside lines and cell phones.
      • Each of the seven unique phone presences for each user has its own routing rules and filters.
      • Incoming Caller ID can drive different call routes.

      Remote users:

      • Remote users connect to Allworx 6x via Internet.
      • Remote plug-and-play with Allworx VoIP phones.
      • After initial setup, remote Allworx phones connect easily to Allworx 6x with minimal user intervention.
      • Remote Allworx phones can: be programmed from main office receive calls from queue(s) use Intercom feature access main office’s local phone line from any location (call from overseas at local rates) operate without additional licenses (many systems require IP license) access all other main phone functions (Direct Station Selection, Busy Lamp Field, Line Appearances, Call Appearances, SIP Appearances, Queues).


      • Outbound call control with PIN codes and system-wide blocking.
      • Password protection at both user and administration levels.
      • Call detail reporting of all phone system activity with easy export to Microsoft Excel or any standard spreadsheet program for further analysis.
      • System backup and restore — automatically saves configuration attributes, voicemail and email messages.
      • Audited outside line access
      • Call blocking
      • Call forward and transfer
      • Call hold
      • Call monitors
      • Call park and retrieve
      • Call pickup
      • Call Queuing
      • Call routing
      • Call waiting
      • Caller ID
      • Dial by name or extension; dial from directory
      • Distinctive ring
      • Do not disturb
      • External call routing
      • Flexible numbering plan
      • Hunt groups
      • Internal extension distinctive ring
      • Multiple line access
      • Overhead paging
      • Parking orbits
      • Programmable parked calls
      • Private lines
      • Redial
      • Speed dialing
      • TAPI support —automatic dialing
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