Pros and Cons of the Allworx Phone System

Make an educated decision regarding your phone system purchase by reading the informative Allworx Pros and Cons list provided here. 

  • Supports remote phones
  • Multiple locations can be networked as one.  (Telco Depot installation required)
  • Supports SIP Trunks for real savings
  • Upgradeable software keeps this product future safe
  • Built-in network diagnostics
  • Browser based administration allows you to work on the system from anywhere on your LAN and allows us to work on your system remotely  from our Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Router is basic;  the 6x is better used as a telephone system only
  • Requires a greater knowledge of LANs and WANs than xBlue.  Server is installed by Telco Depot

Xblue x44 User's Manual

Get and indepth look at the Xblue x44 user's manual by clicking the link below.

TelcoDepot VoIP Service Agreement

Make an educated decision by reading the terms and conditions of Telcodepot's VoIP service agreement.

Xblue x50 User's Manual and Guides

Here you may find answers to the most common questions regarding the setup, installation and usage of the Xblue X50 Phone System.

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