Common Business Phone System Features Explained

If you're out shopping for a small business phone system, then you've probably come across an overwhelming list of features. And this list differs from system to system. How do you sort them out? What features do you absolutely need for your business, and what features are nice extras?

Remember, you'll be using this phone system day-in and day-out. We've compiled this list of common features to help you find a phone system that you and your work force will enjoy using.

What is phone book dialing?
Phone Book Dialing is the ability to access numbers saved on the phone's internal  memory, and can be used later for speed dial similar to a cell phone.

What is a hot dial pad?
"Hot Dial Pad" also known as "Hot Key Pad" or "Live Dialing" is the ability to dial out without having to press the intercom or line out button. Simply press any number on the key pad to dial a number.

What is Distinctive Ring?
Distinctive Ring is a feature that allows you to have several extensions each with a different ringing pattern or ringtone. This helps to differentiate which phone is being called by its distinctive ringing pattern.(e.g. extension 1 signals with two short rings, extension 2 signals with a short ring then a long ring, and extension three signals with a long ring then a short ring.)

What is Express Conferencing?
Express conferencing allows the user to press the line button while speaking to an outside party. This allows other people in your office to press the line button and join on the call. Express Conferencing is used mostly in the home. In offices people tend to want privacy on the lines.

What is CO Line Ringing?
CO (Central Office) Line Ringing is when an incoming call rings directly to a given station. This means you can have one of your phone numbers skip the receptionist or automated attendant and go directly to a phone on your system. By default an incoming call will ring all phones on the system. Please note--not all phone systems can be programmed for CO Line Ringing. In general, incoming calls will ring all phones.

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