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Mission Machines Advanced VoIP Systems

Founded in 2010, Mission Machines is a telecommunications company dedicated to the automation of everyday life by using the latest advances in technology. Designed in California and sold worldwide, Mission Machines products can now be found at Telco Depot.

Mission Machines has made a name for itself with state of the art products like miDoor, a revolutionary new Internet-enabled device that allows users to remotely view their garage door and open or close it with any smart device. They are also creators of the smart all-in-one office solution Z-60, a VoIP phone system for small and midsized businesses. This product from Mission Machines is ideal for businesses with up to 49 employees.


Mission Machines Z60 Phone System w/ 4 Phones and 4 EDM's Pack

Package with Z-60 Server and 4 phones w/ 24-button modules

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Mission Machines Advanced VoIP Systems System Info

By utilizing the latest innovations in VoIP design, the Z-60 provides remarkable value to small business at an affordable price. This VoIP phone system is designed and engineered with the latest VoIP technology. The Z-60 Small Business phone system delivers a new powerful level of communications simplicity and efficiency normally only found in large enterprise phone systems.

The Z-60 VoIP phone system is an all-in-one office solution. This is a feature-rich VoIP phone system that includes voicemail and auto attendant. You can also enjoy sophisticated features such as multi-line appearances, call forwarding, three-way conferencing, music on hold and more. In addition to this, the voicemail to email notification feature helps you to maintain contact with your clients and suppliers, even while traveling.

Mission Machines Z-60 supports 6 standard lines and 12 VoIP lines. One of the greatest advantages of this VoIP phone system is that it comes pre-programed, so you can install it yourself, or, if you prefer, a member of the Telco Depot team can install your system. In addition to the features mentioned above, the Z-60 comes equipped with virtual mailbox, day/night ring schedule and intercom. Moreover, the Z-60 can support remote phones.

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Mission Machines Advanced VoIP Systems Phone System in Detail

Mission Machines' Z-60 VoIP phone system supports 6 PSTN/FXO ports and 12 SIP trunk line ports, 49 IP-2061 IP speakerphones and 1 FXS analog port. This phone system integrates voice mail system with 32 hours of storage. The automated attendant can answer and process up to 4 calls simultaneously. One touch recording of "live conversations" is also included.

The Z-60 enables you to store up to 100 mailboxes, caller ID/Call waiting and voicemail to email notification. This complete office phone system integrates a wireless router and firewall. Best of all, you can easily install this system yourself!

Mission Machines Advanced VoIP Systems Feature List

  • Automated attendant
  • Call forward and transfer
  • Call Park
  • Call forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • Call appearances
  • Do not Disturb
  • Line appearances
  • Flexible ring assignment
  • Day/night ring schedule
  • Manual Day/night
  • Holiday mode
  • Intercom /hands answer
  • Auto attendant (business/after hours)
  • Voicemail to email
  • Virtual Mailbox
  • Basic restrict-all toll restriction
  • Find me
  • Flexible toll restriction
  • Flexible numbering plan
  • SIP trunk capable
  • DID lines
  • 3 way conferencing
  • Multi-office networking
  • Ring group

Mission Machines Advanced VoIP Systems Pros & Cons


  • Affordable high quality IP system
  • Use analog lines or VoIP channels
  • Works with existing network cabling
  • Flexible Auto Attendant
  • Easy to maintain


  • Cannot expand beyond 6 analog lines
  • Not recommended for remote locations
  • Phones do not have Gigabit throughput
  • No HD phone models available

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Mission Machines Advanced VoIP Systems FAQs

What information should I know about Direct Inward Dialing (DID)?

The Z-60 supports Direct Inward Dialing for IP trunks with up to 100 programmable entries in the Direct InwardDialing table. DIDs are programmed under Voice>Trunk>Trunk DID.

Each entry includes:

DID Number
Day Destination: The routing destination for the incoming call when the system is in day mode. The destination can be an Z-60 extension, voice mail box, automated attendant menu, or UCD group.
Night Destination: The routing destination for the incoming call when the system is in night mode. The destination can be the same as in day mode.
Outgoing Call ID: Used as the private Caller ID when the DID user (programmed in the "Destination" field for the specific DID number) makes an outgoing call.
Display Name: Used as the Caller Name when the "Destination" user makes the outgoing call.
Trunk: The DID item is for the specified trunk(s). The DID number can be applied to all IP Trunks.

What can I configure with the access control and how can I administer this feature?

The Z-60 provides three levels for access to the programming and diagnostics through the browser. The Access Control settings allow the System Administrator to configure the Web Port, Service Control List, IP Address Access Control mode and set the passwords for Dealer, Administrator, and User access. The Mission Machines Z-60 also provides external user access to the internal IP telephone's Web page.

There are three programming access levels:

Access LevelUser NameDefault PasswordAccess Rights
Dealeradmin123412345Read/write/edit access to all programming items.
Administratorsupportsupport- Limited access to programming items.
- System summary and statistics.
- IP addressing.
Useruseruser- Device Info (Read Only).
- Registered phone list.

What are voice mailbox specifications?

  • 50 voice mailboxes and 50 virtual mailboxes.
  • Each Z-60 extension is automatically assigned a voice mailbox during station initialization.
  • Each voice mailbox has three message folders: Urgent/New, Saved, Delete. Up to 200 messages may be stored in each mailbox.
  • Distribution List: Three distribution lists per mailbox; each distribution list may contain up to 10 mailboxes.
  • Automatically forward voice mail messages to an email address using SMTP forwarding.
  • Envelope information includes the time and date when message was sent.

Mission Machines Advanced VoIP Systems Resources

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