Plenum Return

Plenum Return

Plenum Rated Cabling

The next choice we need to make concerns the data speeds required of the data plan. Both Cat 5e and Cat 6 are generally regarding as working with data speeds up to 1 Gigabit. The difference between cat5 vs. cat 6 for frequency range is a whooping 250 MHz while the 5e is limited to only 100mhz. This allows someone using a Cat 6 cable to transfer data more than 100 percent faster than the Cat 5e.  This is mostly important for transferring large amounts of data over a short period of time. 

The reality is your data network will only operate at the speed of your slowest device so very few networks will find the cost of Cat 6 worth the premium price. We offer Cat 6 because some buyers simply want the best and Cat 6 is the most reliable at delivering speed on a Gigabit network.

Now it is time to select your choice of data speed:

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Vertical SBX IP - 3x8 KSU / 3 Phones Package (4003-13)

$ 750.00 from Reviews 201 Reviews

3 x 8 Basic KSU with (3) 24-Button Digital Telephone Bundle package includes 3 x 8 Basic KSU with Power Supply, 3 CO Line, 1 Digital Station, and 7 Hybrid Stations. In addition, this bundle includes (3) 24-Button Digital Telephones.

Avaya IP500 server with 4 Lines and 8 VoIP Phones Bundle

$ 4,149.00 from Reviews 201 Reviews

This is all you need for an AVAYA IP500 phone system with 4 FXO incoming lines and 8 Avaya 9620L IP phones. This is a complete phone system with Avaya Essential edition.

Allworx 6x VoIP Business Phone System with 4 of the 9224 phones

$ 2,996.00 from Reviews 201 Reviews

This is the base unit for the 6x system with 4 9224 Allworx Phones. It supports 30 users with voicemail and can be expanded to 60 users with an optional license.

Xblue X16 System with 4 Phones Budget Package VB

$ 619.88 from Reviews 201 Reviews

XBlue - Multi Line - With Caller ID - With Speakerphone - With Display. X16 Small office phone system is an easy to install Digital small office telephone system that comes equipped with the X16 Voice Server and four 6 line X16 Digital speakerphones in the fashion color- Vivid Blue.

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