Samsung OfficeServ

Samsung OfficeServ

The Sumsung OfficeServ Phone Systems offers basic and advanced features in a single, expandable platform, specially designed for SMBs. The smart choice to increase productivity and reduce costs.

The OfficeServ  product line starts with a small office phone system for upto 16 phones and growing to systems supporting 480 phones. Same phones are supported on all the OfficeServ phones systems.

OfficeServ 7030 with support for up to 16 phones.

OfficeServ 7100S with support for up to 32 phones.

OfficeServ 7200S  supports for up to 64 phones.

OfficeServ 7200  supports up to 128 phones.

OfficeServ 7400  supports  up to 480 phones.


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  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7200-S Starter Kit

    In stock


    OS 7200-S Starter Kit
    Contains: 7200 Cabinet, MP20S Card, SD card w/Software Program and 4 ports of Voice Mail
    7200-S KIT F-B-OS7200S-01 7200-S KIT F-B-OS7200S-01
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    Your Price: $ 1,890.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7100 Small Business System Package - DS

    In stock


    OS 7100 Small Business System Package - DS
    Includes: 1 ea-OS7100 System Cabinet, 1 ea-MP10a Processor Card, 1 ea OS7100SD10a Card, 1 ea. UNI Card, 1 ea.- 4TRM Card, 2 ea. 4DLM Card, 5 ea-DS21B Keysets
    When using IP Telephony Applications (IP Keysets, WAP, SPNet) with this Package, MGI channels must be licensed.  Please see the OfficeServ Applications section of this form.
    SE-7102 OS71DSPKG10A
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    Your Price: $ 1,985.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7100 SIP Pkg

    In stock
    OS7100 SIP Pkg - Includes: 1 ea System Cabinet, 1 ea. MP10a Main Processor with four (4) MGI Licenses, 1 ea OS7100SD10a Card, 1 ea. UNI Card, 1 ea 4DLM Interface Module,  4 ea. 21B DS Digital Keysets, 4 ea. SIP Trunk Licenses
    SE-7101 OS7100SIPPKG
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    Your Price: $ 1,800.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS7100 1GB Media Card with software for MP10

    In stock

     1GB Multimedia Plus card which stores system program control 

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    Your Price: $ 65.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7030 Starter Kit

    In stock


    OS 7030 Starter Kit
    Includes:  7030 KSU  w/Software Program, 2 ports of Auto Attendant, 1 ea. 4DM and 3 ea. DS-5014D digital keysets, and 2 single line ports
    7030 KIT F-B-OS7030-01 7030 KIT F-B-OS7030-01
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    Your Price: $ 890.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7030 Cabinet (Main KSU unit)

    In stock

     The OfficeServ 7030 Base Cabinet features: 

    ▪ Empty cabinet (0x0) - all cards are purchased separately 
    ▪ 4 slots to mount boards and the AC to DC power supply 
    ▪ Includes power supply 
    ▪ Condition: New 
    ▪ Manufacturer's 5 year warranty - call for details 

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    Your Price: $ 515.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7400 Expansion Kit

    In stock


    OS 7400 Expansion Kit
    Includes: 1ea - OS 7400 Universal cabinet, 1ea - Local Processor (LP40) with link cables
    7400EKIT 7400EKIT
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    Your Price: $ 2,010.00
  • Samsung OfficeServ 7100 OS-UNI Card (KPOS71BUNI)

    In stock

    Universal Card (UNI)  This card has 3 connectors to house up to 3 station/trunk modules.

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    Your Price: $ 178.00
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