OfficeServ 7030


Advanced Technology On a Limited Budget
Small Business Communications Solution
The OfficeServ 7030 is impressive in performance and price. A single, compact, feature-rich platform that integrates the capacities you demand--Voice over IP technology and wireless communications working together as one.

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  • OfficeServ 7100 IP Starter Kit

    In stock

    Samsung OfficeServ 7100 IP Starter Kit

    F-B-OS7100-IP F-B-OS7100-IP
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 892.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7100 Small Business System Package - DS

    In stock


    OS 7100 Small Business System Package - DS
    Includes: 1 ea-OS7100 System Cabinet, 1 ea-MP10a Processor Card, 1 ea OS7100SD10a Card, 1 ea. UNI Card, 1 ea.- 4TRM Card, 2 ea. 4DLM Card, 5 ea-DS21B Keysets
    When using IP Telephony Applications (IP Keysets, WAP, SPNet) with this Package, MGI channels must be licensed.  Please see the OfficeServ Applications section of this form.
    SE-7102 OS71DSPKG10A
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 1,985.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7100 SIP Pkg

    In stock
    OS7100 SIP Pkg - Includes: 1 ea System Cabinet, 1 ea. MP10a Main Processor with four (4) MGI Licenses, 1 ea OS7100SD10a Card, 1 ea. UNI Card, 1 ea 4DLM Interface Module,  4 ea. 21B DS Digital Keysets, 4 ea. SIP Trunk Licenses
    SE-7101 OS7100SIPPKG
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 1,800.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7030 Starter Kit

    In stock


    OS 7030 Starter Kit
    Includes:  7030 KSU  w/Software Program, 2 ports of Auto Attendant, 1 ea. 4DM and 3 ea. DS-5014D digital keysets, and 2 single line ports
    7030 KIT F-B-OS7030-01 7030 KIT F-B-OS7030-01
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 890.00
  • Samsung Programming

    In stock

    Samsung Programming

    PG-7100 PG-7100
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 599.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7400 Expansion Kit

    In stock


    OS 7400 Expansion Kit
    Includes: 1ea - OS 7400 Universal cabinet, 1ea - Local Processor (LP40) with link cables
    7400EKIT 7400EKIT
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 2,010.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7200 Starter Kit

    In stock

     OS 7200 Starter Kit

    Contains: Universal Cabinet, MP20 Card, Misc Card, SD card w/Software Program

    7200KIT 7200KIT
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 1,082.00
  • Samsung Officeserv OS 7200-S Starter Kit

    In stock


    OS 7200-S Starter Kit
    Contains: 7200 Cabinet, MP20S Card, SD card w/Software Program and 4 ports of Voice Mail
    7200-S KIT F-B-OS7200S-01 7200-S KIT F-B-OS7200S-01
    Customer Rating
    Your Price: $ 1,890.00

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