How to Use the Automated Greeting Messages on the Xblue X16

Learn all about managing your Automated Greeting Messages on the Xblue X16 with these FAQs.

How flexible are the Automated Greeting Messages on the Xblue x16?

Automated greeting messages can generally be set for day, night, weekends and holidays. For day and nights at specific times can be set for the OGM (Out Going Message) to activate. The Holiday however can only be set for the day of the holiday but not for a certain time.

How do you set up your Out Going Message on the Xblue x16?

Press the Program button on the Xblue x16 phone, press confirm button on the Phone Setup option. Scroll down to until you reach the VoiceMail Setup option, press confirm. Scroll down again until you reach the personal OGM option and press confirm. You have two options at this point, either you can play the prerecorded message to see if it fits your liking or you can scroll down to the Re-Record option and press confirm to record your own personal message.

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