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Allworx IP Systems

Allworx has been a key player in the telecommunications industry since 1998. As a company, they have grown rapidly and constantly increased their portfolio of products by launching competitive business phone systems, such as the Allworx 6X server and the 48X IP. As part of Windstream, one of the leading telecom companies around the world, Allworx is among the most reliable options for businesses.

All of their communications solutions pay special attention to innovation, quality and reliability. Their systems have been designed from the ground up for small and medium-sized businesses just like yours. And because TelcoDepot strives to provide phone systems that meet specific requirements for all business sizes, you are sure to find the best that Allworx has to offer.

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Allworx IP Systems System Info

Allworx phone systems have been honored with numerous industry awards since 2006. Their IP Phone Systems stand out with innovative features that will allow your business to enhance everyday operations. Their equipment specializes in Voice over IP (VoIP) communications for small to mid-sized businesses with multiple locations.

Depending on the model you are looking for, with the right Allworx system you could go anywhere from 30 user extensions to 250 users per system. Additionally, you can get optional software from us that will help you get the most out the system you choose.

Allworx all-in-one communications systems support various VoIP trunks and are even compatible with traditional phone lines. If you need a system that supports remote phones and allows you to network multiple locations as one, you've come to the right place.

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Allworx IP Systems Phone System in Detail

Some of the systems the Allworx product line offers include the Allworx 24x and 6x, phones such as the Allworx 9224, and even Port Expanders like the Px6/2. Additionally, you can find other equipment (the TX 92/24 Expander for example), and affordable IP phones like the 9204, 9212, and the 9202.

Allworx delivers VoIP UC (Unified Communications) systems to a broad range of industries and even provides a series of interesting software options. These systems are ideal when you are looking to replace key phone systems.

Here are the five concepts that play a crucial role in their products:

1. Innovation: As advances in technology revolutionize business communications, Allworx systems continue to meet the needs of dynamic businesses. Their phone systems will adapt perfectly to your needs because they're specifically designed with the small to medium size business in mind.

2. Value: At TelcoDepot, we offer high-end phone systems at affordable prices. In fact, we will meet or beat any price by a reputable competitor. And when it comes to saving money, keep in mind that with these systems remote users can connect using their ordinary broadband connections right way without needing any extra hardware or software. Oh, by the way, no hidden costs either.

3. Reliability: Nothing is more important than a reliable communications solution. Every product built by Allworx is backed up with a guarantee. On top of that, their equipment is engineered to lower installation, communications and energy costs.

4. Customer Focus: Customers' needs drive the focus of all Allworx systems. Actually, some of their most recent innovations are ideas received from customers. These phone systems are easy to use and will help you run your businesses more smoothly.

5. Quality: These systems offer cost-effective warranty options to give you peace of mind.

Allworx IP Systems Feature List

The following are some of the most common features of Allworx phone systems:

  • Automated attendant
  • Call forward and transfer
  • Call hold
  • Call monitors
  • Call park and retrieve
  • Call pickup
  • Call Queuing
  • Call routing
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Call history
  • Caller ID
  • Conference call
  • Dial by name or extension
  • Distinctive ring
  • Do not Disturb
  • Hold button
  • Internal paging
  • Intercom
  • Message notification via email
  • Programmable function keys
  • Speakerphone
  • Redial
  • Transfer
  • Visual ring and call status indicator
  • Unified messaging
  • Voicemail

Allworx IP Systems Pros & Cons


  • Affordable High-End IP Phone System
  • Enormous out of the box feature set
  • Handles unlimited VoIP channels
  • High Fidelity Sound Quality
  • Easier to maintain than comparable systems
  • Great long-term investment
  • More affordable than comparable high-end brands
    (variation of # 1)
  • Winner of numerous industry awards


  • Expensive to expand beyond 6 analog lines
  • Additional Licenses may be required
  • Separate Adaptor Required for Gigabit Throughput
  • Conferencing of more than 3 people requires additional software license

Allworx IP Systems FAQs

How do I set up a remote phone?

One of the greatest advantages of Allworx phone systems is the mobility you get with it, as Allworx IP phones can be installed locally and remotely. All you need is a broadband data connection. Setting up a remote phone is not as difficult as some people believe.

Installing remote phones correctly will allow you to communicate back and forth with your main Allworx server. These are the Allworx IP phones that can be used as remote extensions: Allworx 9202E IP phone, Allworx 9212 IP phone, Allworx 9204 IP phone and Allworx 9224 IP phone and Allworx TX 92/24 expander.

On the Allworx handset, enter the CONFIG menu, and scroll down to Network Settings.

From this point you will need to:

  • Set up the phone with a Static IP and Gateway address of the local subnet.
  • Set the Boot Server IP address to the WAN address of the Allworx server.
  • Set the Remote Plug 'n' Play secret key. This is found in the Administrative console, click on Servers and VoIP. The 'Plug n Play Secret Key' is listed.

What are the main benefits of Allworx phone systems?

  • Every Allworx phone can be connected anywhere outside your facility, providing you and your team have the freedom to work remotely.
  • You can simultaneously use both analog and VoIP lines.
  • Sophisticated features enhance communications between you and your customers.
  • Never miss a call option allows you to always be available for your clients and suppliers.
  • Improve collaboration with conference calling.
  • Robust phone system and customizable settings.
  • Save money. Allworx does not have hidden charges. We provide remote access, VoIP service and you can install the phone system yourself.

How do I set up Auto Attendant greetings?

Allworx systems support up to 3 greetings on each Auto Attendant. Each greeting has a specific purpose.

The first one is the Business Hours Greeting. This is the greeting that will be played when the auto attendant is accessed while the system is operating during normal business hours mode.

The next option is the Non-Business Hours Greeting. The auto attendant plays this greeting when the system is in night mode. Night mode can be dictated by the set business hours or when the system has a closed date that is set by a programmed holiday.

The third one is the Custom Message .This personalized message is played during an auto attendant greeting directly following the business hours or non-business hours greeting.


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3 x 8 Basic KSU with (3) 24-Button Digital Telephone Bundle package includes 3 x 8 Basic KSU with Power Supply, 3 CO Line, 1 Digital Station, and 7 Hybrid Stations. In addition, this bundle includes (3) 24-Button Digital Telephones.

Avaya IP500 server with 4 Lines and 8 VoIP Phones Bundle

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This is all you need for an AVAYA IP500 phone system with 4 FXO incoming lines and 8 Avaya 9620L IP phones. This is a complete phone system with Avaya Essential edition.

Allworx 6x VoIP Business Phone System with 4 of the 9224 phones

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This is the base unit for the 6x system with 4 9224 Allworx Phones. It supports 30 users with voicemail and can be expanded to 60 users with an optional license.

Xblue X16 System with 4 Phones Budget Package VB

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XBlue - Multi Line - With Caller ID - With Speakerphone - With Display. X16 Small office phone system is an easy to install Digital small office telephone system that comes equipped with the X16 Voice Server and four 6 line X16 Digital speakerphones in the fashion color- Vivid Blue.

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