Allworx 6X server with 4 Mixed VoIP Phones Bundle
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Designed for companies with up to 60 employees per site

Supports VoIP (SIP) trunks and six (6) traditional phone lines

Built-in 8 port voicemail with unified communication

Optional eight (8) seat conference bridge

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Allworx 6X server with 4 Mixed VoIP Phones Bundle

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Quick Overview

This Package Includes:
Allworx 6x Server
(1) Allworx 24-Button IP Phones (Equipped for POE)
(3) Allworx 12-Button IP Phones (Equipped for POE)
Unified Messsaging 
Supports Remote IP Phones
Equipped for 6 incoming traditional incoming phone lines and SIP Channels (VoIP Lines)
*This package can be customized and is scalable for growth - Call Us or Chat for Help*
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Price as configured: $2,945.00

What is the Allworx 6X server with 4 Mixed VoIP Phones Bundle?


Click Here to view a short video about the Allworx VoIP Phone System! 

Call us at 1-800-390-1200 for Additional Discounts on this system, or Chat with us to get a coupon code. We are an Authorized Allworx Partner and are required to advertise products at MSRP.

The Allworx 6X Phone System is designed for companies with up to 60 users (per site or system). This state-of-the-art communications system is built to empower SMBs with advanced features and a robust data network system that substantially improve a company's productivity. The upgradeable software gives small to medium sized businesses a reliable and flexible phone system for years to come.

The Allworx 6X server with four mixed VoIP phones does not require an expensive service contract. Businesses can manage this user-friendly system on their own. Browser based administration lets businesses work on the phone system from anywhere on their LAN (Local Area Network).

Can’t find the system your looking for? Not sure if this is the right system for you? Call us at 1-800-390-1200 or live chat with us now, we are here to help! 


UPC: 608766979310

Using the Allworx 6X server with 4 Mixed VoIP Phones Bundle Business Phone System

The Allworx 6x provides enterprise-class features such as custom call routing, presence management, call center control, remote user access and site-to-site connectivity that delivers direct savings and productivity gains to your businesses. The Allworx 6x is a phone system that integrates VoIP with a fully featured PBX and Key system, providing amazing flexibility and power to small businesses.

Why Choose the Allworx 6X server?

  • If your business is moving or your needs are changing
  • Upgrading an outdated phone system
  • Your current phone system is not meeting your needs
  • Searching for a cost effective alternative to your current communications system

Buy with confidence!

Our mission is to have customers for life. Check our online reviews and contact us if you have any questions.


Product Description:

Feature Key Retrieval allows Admin to automatically obtain and submit Feature Keys through the Allworx System Administration page Network installation tools - DHCP Server Discovery Tool, and Trace Route Tool. The Allworx 6x combines all of your data needs into one comprehensive package, that supports up to 30 phone users while networking your PCs, printers, servers and other peripherals. Allworx Office Safe is included with your system, enabling an automated scheduled backup of all your data and application files on the Allworx system.

Technical Details

  • Call forward and transfer
  • Call hold
  • Call monitors
  • Call park and retrieve
  • Call pickup
  • Call Queuing
  • Call routing
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Dial by name or extension; dial from directory
  • Distinctive ring

Product Details:

Brand: Allworx

Model: 6X server

Product Category Allworx Server

Product Type Phone Systems, Allworx IP Systems - 2 to 250 users, Allworx 6X IP Phone Systems

UPC: 784672375030

SKU: 820004PK1-5

Warranty Information:

  • Manufacturer:

Shipping Information:

Weight: 25 pounds

Product Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 16 inches

Shipping World wide shipping available

Allworx 6X server with 4 Mixed VoIP Phones Bundle


How can I set up the Allworx server?

Setting up the Allworx server is not complicated and does not require a technician. First, create a user under Business > Users and an extension under Phone System > Extensions for the remote phone. Set up the handset adding the necessary configurations found under Phone System > Handsets.

Confirm the proper RTP Media Port Range configurations:

  • Click on Phone System > Handsets and then choose View Configuration on the handset being modified
  • Scroll down to the Phone Options , and click Modify
  • In the RTP Media Port Range , enter the range of 10 ports that were added to the Firewall. If there weren't any changes, then leave it at its default.

What exactly is the Allworx Software Upgrade Key?

The Allworx Software Upgrade Key keeps your system software up-to-date. With the Software Upgrade Key, you can be sure that your Allworx system has access to all the newest system capabilities as they become available.

The Software Upgrade Key can be issued as either a 1 year plan or as an Extended Hardware Warranty package which is a 5 year plan. The 1-year plan can be purchased at any time, while the 5-year bundled plan must be obtained within the first 90 days following the purchase of the server. Software upgrades only include the system software. Any new key options introduced in conjunction with a release will be available as optional features.

Why do I need the Software Upgrade Key?

On all Allworx servers, after installing software release 7.1, any subsequent upgrade to a newer software release will require that the Allworx server have a valid software upgrade key. This new policy becomes a requirement only after release 7.1 is installed on the Allworx server.

What happens if I buy a new server?

When your server is installed, it automatically includes a license to upgrade the server software to the latest version within the first 90 days. That ensures you get the most up-to-date features and benefits. During this 90-day period, you can select from multiple support options to add hardware warranty and software upgrades to lock in your costs and minimize any financial exposure.

What does this bundle include?

- 1 Allworx 6x Server

- 1 Allworx 9224 phone

- 3 Allworx 9212 phones

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