Allworx 6X Phone System With 8 IP Phones & 1 Cordless Phone
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The Allworx 6X is a small, yet robust communications solution for businesses with up to 60 employees. This scalable telephone system is perfect for small and mid-sized companies with expansion needs. Features such as unified messaging, auto attendant and call routing can be configured as new needs arise. Coming with an intuitive interface, this top-of-the-line business phone system also supports remote extensions.

This bundle features 8 Allworx phones and 1 cordless phone to get your business started. Additionally, the 6X server also incorporates 6 traditional telephone lines, providing the perfect hybrid telephone system.

The Allworx 6X supports 10 queues, conference center, call assistant, mobile link, VPN and multi-language software. All Allworx telephones and servers are created to let users get the most of their advanced features, with no need of a training process. This user-friendly system features a compact flash for data protection as well as an impressive design.

Bundle comes with the following:

  • 1 Allworx 6x Server
  • 1 Allworx 9224 phone
  • 7 Allworx 9212 phones
  • 1 Allworx TX DSS
  • 1 Panasonic TGP500 Cordless Phone
  • 1 Music on Hold Player MP3
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Allworx 6X Phone System With 8 IP Phones & 1 Cordless Phone

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Quick Overview

This Package Includes:
Allworx 6x Server (licensed for 30 users)
(1) 24-Button IP Phones
(7) 12-Button IP Phones 
(1) Button Expansion Console
(1) Panasonic Cordless IP Phone
(1) Music on Hold Player
Supports up to 6 traditional incoming telephone lines
*Package can be customized and is scalable for growth - Call Us or Chat for Help!*
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Price as configured: $3,859.15

What is the Allworx 6X Phone System With 8 IP Phones & 1 Cordless Phone?


Click Here to view a short video about the Allworx VoIP Phone System! 

Call us at 1-800-390-1200 for Additional Discounts on this system, or Chat with us to get a coupon code. We are an Authorized Allworx Partner and are required to advertise products at MSRP.

The Allworx 6X Phone System is designed for companies with up to 60 users (per site or system). This state-of-the-art communications system is built to empower SMBs with advanced features and a robust data network system that substantially improve a company's productivity. The upgradeable software gives small to medium sized businesses a reliable and flexible phone system for years to come.

The Allworx 6X server with four mixed VoIP phones does not require an expensive service contract. Businesses can manage this user-friendly system on their own. Browser based administration lets businesses work on the phone system from anywhere on their LAN (Local Area Network).


Can’t find the phone system your looking for? Not sure if this is the right system for you? Call us at 1-800-390-1200 or live chat with us now, we are here to help! 


UPC: 608766979228

Using the Allworx 6X Phone System With 8 IP Phones & 1 Cordless Phone Business Phone System

Using the Allworx 6X it's easy. Thanks to Allworx Automatic Call Distribution, you can instantly manage all the important configurations of each call queue while also tracking an array of beneficial queue statistics on the performance of both individual agents and each individual queue.

The 6X supports both traditional and VoIP lines. Additionally, it can be used with all Allworx devices and phones, providing any business with the ability to pick the perfect device for each position. This high-end phone system includes essential features such as auto attendant, external call routing, unified messaging and call queue.

Why Choose the Allworx 6X?

  • Friendly traditional and VoIP line merge
  • Advanced business phone features
  • Can be used with all Allworx phones and devices
  • Flexible business phone system for up to 60 users

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Product Description:

The Allworx 6X is the ideal phone system for growing businesses in search of a comprehensive communications solution. This bundle comes with 8 phones to give you a solid base to build on. If you are replacing an existing system, remember that the Allworx 6X supports up to 6 traditional lines, so some of your existing devices might be compatible (you would have to check the exact model and requirements). The included features are designed to optimize the communications process of a medium-sized business. Users will enjoy flexible auto attendant, useful call queue, and effective unified messaging.

Phone interface

  1. 30 user extensions (e.g., individuals) with voicemail and 30 system extensions (e.g., conference rooms) without voicemail.
  2. Optional software upgrade available for 31

Technical Details

  • 8 Allworx phones
  • 1 Cordless phone
  • Energy saving, compact server
  • Supports up to 6 traditional lines
  • Unified Communication (8 port voicemail)
  • Compact flash
  • Upgradable for up to 60 users

Product Details:

Brand: Allworx

Model: 820004-9

Product Category Phone System

Product Type Phone System

SKU: 820004-9

Warranty Information:

  • Manufacturer:

Shipping Information:

Weight: 15 lb for the server (overall will be calculated depending on the chosen phones)

Product Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 16 inches

Shipping World wide shipping available

Allworx 6X Phone System With 8 IP Phones & 1 Cordless Phone Allworx 6X Phone System With 8 IP Phones & 1 Cordless Phone Allworx 6X Phone System With 8 IP Phones & 1 Cordless Phone


What does this bundle feature?

This bundle features:

  • 1 Allworx 6x Server
  • 1 Allworx 9224 phone
  • 7 Allworx 9212 phones
  • 1 Allworx TX DSS
  • 1 Panasonic TGP500 Cordless Phone
  • 1 Music on Hold Player MP3M

What exactly are remote extensions?

VoIP phone systems enable additional extensions to be connected from outside the office via Internet connection. This is perfect for you if your company has different branches. Callers won't have to pay extra nor dial different numbers to reach these remote extensions as they're a part of your phone system, with the same advanced features. Remote workstations are ideal for virtual organizations, global companies and large companies with different locations.

Why is the Allworx 6X suitable for a growing business?

The Allworx 6X is perfect for businesses planning to expand because you can reconfigure it and expand it as new needs arise. This bundle comes with 8 phones and 1 cordless phone, which is the right size for a small company to get started. You can add new phones consecutively, add up to 6 existing landlines, rearrange VoIP phones as well as upgrade the features. This flexible system lets you make changes whenever and wherever. That's the bottom line.

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