Allworx Internet Call Access for 6x
SKU: 8210010

What is the Allworx Internet Call Access for 6x?

Our Internet Call Access software allows you to send and receive phone calls over the Internet. This software option is needed for connecting the Allworx system to an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider), site-to-site calling, and SIP Gateway.

Key Features

  • Internet Call Access using SIP protocol:
    • Multi-site connectivity
    • Users access Allworx VPN through Microsoft’s
  • Network Connection Tool.
  • Multi-site calling does not require an ITSP service.
  • This option is required when you want to call directly between multiple
    Allworx sites or connect the Allworx to an ITSP. 1
  • Sold as an option
    • One time license fee
    • Unlimited number of users

Note:  Internet Call Access is included at no cost when you add the Telco Depot SIP trunk package!

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