Allworx Port Expander
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Allworx Port Expander

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Quick Overview

Add this module to expand the number of POTS lines by 6 and the number of analog extensions by 2.  Works with both the 6x and 24x Servers

What is the Allworx Port Expander?


The Px easily attaches to your LAN to increase the Allworx system by 6 additional POTS Lines (FXO ports) and 2 additional analog station ports (FXS ports).  This is a plug and play item as the 6x server automatically recognizes the device and configures the system for the additional lines and stations. 

Up to 3 of the Px devices may be added to the 6x Server to give the system a total of 24 POTS lines and 8 analog station ports.

This is the ultimate gateway in its simplicity to configure and use.  It may be more expensive than 3rd party gateways, but you can't beat the performance!


Technical Details


Each Px 6/2 Expander includes:

  • Six (6) dedicated loop start FXO ports
    (e.g. traditional telephone lines - Central Office PSTN service)
  • Two (2) dedicated internal FXS ports
    (e.g. analog phones & fax machines, alarm systems)
  • Easy plug-n-play connection
  • Ability to connect up to three (3) Px units per Allworx System
  • Fully integrated graphical user interface
  • LED indicators for port status monitoring

 Each Px 6/2 Expander requires:

  • Installation of the Allworx Internet Call Access Key
  • Installation of Allworx System Software 6.9 or higher
  • It's own port on your LAN switch
  • Local power (not PoE capable)

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Allworx Port Expander

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