Avaya IPO R9.1 TELEWORKER 5 ADI LIC (382751)
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Avaya IPO R9.1 TELEWORKER 5 ADI LIC (382751)

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Avaya IPO R9.1 TELEWORKER 5 User license.

What is the Avaya IPO R9.1 TELEWORKER 5 ADI LIC (382751)?

For small businesses with multiple locations, IP Office Software provides a powerful set of tools to help streamline operations, centralize management, and reduce TCO for converged networks. Using industry standards, IP Office enables companies to share resources, provide improved customer service, and keep mobile employees accessible. As companies open new offices, they run the risk of adding needless complexity and costs to their infrastructures. The multi-site option helps connect multiple locations in ways that maximize efficiency and support each organization's business needs. All offices can share resources like voice mail and receptionists, with a single centralized management interface. Employees can call each other, broadcast messages, and see the availability of their colleagues, without regard for geography.Designed for retailers, financial firms, and other businesses that deploy groups of locations with similar hardware and dial plans, integrated management can help significantly streamline operations and reduce costs. It provides unified, centralized management driven by templates that can be applied to deployments in multiple locations. Ongoing maintenance is similarly centralized and standardized, ensuring continuous, predictable operations that speed key business tasks.

Avaya IPO R9.1 TELEWORKER 5 User license.

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