D-Link Response Point IP Telephone w/ PoE

What is the D-Link Response Point IP Telephone w/ PoE?

This product is discontinued.  We suggest the Aastra 6753i RP as an excellent substitution.


The DPH-128MS IP Phone includes many features not found in analog phones as well as standard features that you are used to having. The One-touch Voice-activated Dialing feature allows users to reach anyone in the company directory or their Microsoft Outlook address book by simply saying their name. Users can also transfer, park, and retrieve calls the same way. Voicemail to e-mail forwarding is another convenient feature. You can also easily view incoming and outgoing phone calls made by using the Call History function. In addition, standard features such as Mute, Hold, Transfer, Speakerphone, and 3-Way Conference functions are included.

Easy To Install And Use
Because the entire VoiceCenter phone system is designed with simplicity in mind, you can set up a phone and user from start to finish in minutes. To minimize time and hassle with Ethernet cabling, the IP Phone provides a pass-through Ethernet port for connecting another device such as a computer to a network. Additionally, since the DPH-128MS supports PoE, it can be powered through the Ethernet cable if your network is connected to a PoE switch. This eliminates the need to use the included power adapter, frees up your power outlet for other devices, allows for installation in places where a traditional outlet is not available, and reduces cable clutter on your desk. Once the hardware connection is made, you can use the Phone Setup Wizard provided by the Microsoft Response Point software to assign extensions and names that only takes a couple of steps.

The D-Link DPH-128MS IP Phone, which is a part of the VoiceCenter phone system, is ideal for today’s productivity and efficiency-minded small to medium-sized business by providing state-of-the-art and standard telephony features that is easy to install and convenient to use.

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