Digium D45 IP Phone (1TELD040LF)
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Digium D45 IP Phone (1TELD040LF)

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Quick Overview

The Digium D45 (1TELD045LF) is an HDVoice, Gigabit PoE phone with Icon text keys: 2-line keys.

What is the Digium D45 IP Phone (1TELD040LF)?

Digium D45 IP Phone for Asterisk

The Digium D45 (1TELD045LF) is an HDVoice, Gigabit PoE phone with Icon text keys: 2-line keys. The D45 is Digium’s best value phone designed to work for any employee in your company. The D45 was built by Digium specifically for Asterisk and Switchvox phone systems. Icon keys make it easy for international users. Currently no model with English text buttons is in production.


Digium D45 Overview

Digium IP Phones include unprecedented HD Voice and plug-and-play deployment at a price that fits any budget. With multiple line appearances, context sensitive soft keys, and advanced applications, you can access the information you need instantly. Digium's phones are the only phones that allow you to take full advantage of the flexibility and customization of Asterisk and Switchvox.

Integrated applications that come standard on Digium IP Phones include voicemail button, call log, contacts, phone status, user presence, parking, and call metrics. The Digium phones provide simple intuitive access to a wealth of information.

Digium phones support plug and play provisioning. Simply plug the phones in, automatically discover your Asterisk or Switchvox server, select the user, and start talking. Digium phones make it easier to do full office installs too. Simply scan a barcode from the box and the phone is instantly linked to a Switchvox user.

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