Jabra GN9330e Headset & Base (Configurable)
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SKU: 9327-508-405-1

What is the Jabra GN9330e Headset & Base (Configurable)?

This item does not apply to the 14 day money back policy of Telco Depot as this is a wearable item.

GN9330 is designed to work with traditional desk telephones bringing hands-free convenience and superior audio quality to conventional office telephony.

GN9330 provides you with clear, peak-free sound. Noise-cancelling micro­phone technology ensures your voice is always transmitted clearly, even when you’re moving through noisy areas. The GN9330 headset connects effortlessly and quickly to your telephone. Simple, intuitive headset controls make it easy to operate, and with a weight of less than an ounce (0.9oz) you’ll forget you are even wearing it.

With a range of up to 200 feet, you can take the call all over the office environment, reaping the benefits of hands-free flexibility. If you want to escape the limitations set by your traditional telephone handset, the GN9330 high-performance wireless headset pushes the boundaries, providing optimum range, all-day comfort and sound clarity

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