miDoor ID0100-40
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  • Internet-enabled device (uses Wi-Fi).
  • No network cables required.
  • No third-party servers required.
  • Mobile apps are available.
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miDoor ID0100-40

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Quick Overview

 miDoor with Internal Antena

What is the miDoor ID0100-40?

miDoor ID0100-40 is an innovative Internet-enabled device that allows you to remotely view your gate and/or garage door status. Thanks to this amazing tool, you can also open or close your garage door with an Android device, iPhone, iPad or Web-browser.

There are 3 simple steps for setting up miDoor: 1) Just connect the device to an existing garage door switch; 2) Set the basic configuration and add the door sensor to view the door status anywhere in the world using mobile devices or Web-browsers; 3) Create the necessary user-profiles and open or close the garage door using an iPhone, iPad or Web-browser.

You will no longer need to be concerned about trying to program the garage door opener in your car nor be concerned about who gets the two issued remotes in your household. Luckily, miDoor supports 36 user accounts than can close or open your home's garage door by using either iPhones, iPads, Web-browsers or Android devices.

Using the miDoor ID0100-40 Business Phone System

Using miDoor, garage door opener, is very simple. You can use the innovative Wi-Fi garage door controller to replace or improve on your own garage door opener. Furthermore, this device can be configured to suit your special requirements directly from the miDoor smart device app or an Internet web-browser. Thanks to its usage of direct Internet access, miDoor allows you to monitor and control your garage door controller just by activating your Internet router's port forwarding function.

Why choose miDoor ID0100-40?

  • Revolutionary device that allows users to open their garage doors remotely.
  • Users can use Android devices, iPads, iPhones or Web-browsers to check their gate's status.
  • One-of-a-kind tool that lets users create specific alarms to notify them if the door is activated or left opened.

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Product Description:

miDoor ID0100-40 is an innovative garage door remote controller that enables you to remotely monitor and operate your garage door online or using mobile devices. The Wi-Fi garage door controller can be used to augment or replace your existing garage door opener, and is easily configured to meet your specific needs directly from an Internet web-browser, or the downloadable miDoor smart device application. Having direct Internet access allows you to control and monitor the garage door controller from anywhere by activating your Internet router's port forwarding function.

Technical Details

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and works garage doors, gates, and other automated doors
  • Compatible with Android and iOS smart devices
  • Records and saves up to 1MB of event history
  • Check status of garage door anywhere in the world

Product Details:

Brand: Mission Machines

Model: ID0100-40

Product Category Products

Product Type ID0100-40

SKU: 791090449946

Warranty Information:

  • Manufacturer: TelcoDepot.com

Shipping Information:

Weight: 4 ounces

Product Dimension: 2.5 x 1 x 3.5 inches

Shipping World wide shipping available

miDoor ID0100-40


Can macros be automatically triggered with this device?

It won't be able to be used until the URC software update is implemented. This allows users to program this option.

Can miDoor be controlled from a URC Macros?

Yes! The majority of these commands are absolutely self-explanatory. Keep in mind that the Update UI command forces all the URC interfaces to upgrade their UI in order to see the current state. Keep in mind this wouldn't be needed unless you setup your Query Heartbeat to a remarkably high setting, while saving on processing power.

How many gates or garage doors or can be controlled with miDoor?

A miDoor device will control just one door. Nevertheless, three units into each module and several instances of the module can be added. The device's manufacturer, Mission Machines is trying to make a unit which controls up to three doors. But, the company has not set a release date for this newer version.

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