NEC DSX-80/160 8-Port CO Line Card
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NEC DSX-80/160 8-Port CO Line Card

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Quick Overview

DSX-80/160 8-Port Line Card with Caller ID

What is the NEC DSX-80/160 8-Port CO Line Card?



DSX-80/160 8 Port CO Line (8COIU) Card with Caller ID

At a Glance

P/N 1091009

Line ports: 8 Status LED: Yes

Mode switch: Yes Activity LED: Yes

Power Failure ports: 2 Caller ID: Built in

Max. installed in DSX-80: 3 (24 line ports

in 3 8COIU Cards)

Max. installed in DSX-160: 7 (56 line ports

in 7 8COIU Cards)



The 8COIU Card supports 8 analog loop start CO lines. The card has a Mode Switch (for taking the card out of service), a status LED indicating proper card operation, and a port activity LED that indicates traffic on the card. Each 8COIU Card also provides two power failure cut-through circuits. When commercial AC power fails, the card automatically cuts through two line circuits to two power failure single line telephones.






Tips to remember:

• The 8COIU provides built-in Caller ID.

• You can install a 8COIU Card in any slot except for slot 1.

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