NEC DSX-80 8X16 Common Equipment Kit
SKU: SE-4107

What is the NEC DSX-80 8X16 Common Equipment Kit?

The DSX-80 4-Slot KSU contains tCPU, 4 universal card slots and the system's power supply.  It provides 80 ports.  It is wall-mountable, has a flip off cover and removable side panel for easy access.  The cabinet has a handy translucent panel in the cover that allows you to get essential system status and troubleshooting information at a glance, without removing the cover.

This kit contains:

  • 1 DSX-80 4-Slot cabinet
  • 1 DSX-80/160 Power Supply
  • 1 DSX-80/160 Central Processor Card (CPU)
  • 1 DSX-80/160 8-Port CO Line Card
  • 1 DSX-80/160 16-Port Digital Station Card

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