Panasonic - KXTDA50D2VE - KSU Bundle W Voicemail and Wireless
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What is the Panasonic - KXTDA50D2VE - KSU Bundle W Voicemail and Wireless?

Product Description

Panasonic KX-TDA50D2VW Digital Phone System Bundle W/2 KX-DT343-B Phones, KX-TVA50 Voicemail, KX-WT125 DECT Wireless

KX-TDA50D2VW Digital Phones Bundle Contains

  • KX-TDA50G - Hybrid IP Control Unit with 6 free slots
  • 2 Black KX-DT343-B Digital Phones
  • 1 KX-WT125 DECT Wireless Phone
  • 1 KX-T0155 DECT 2 Channel Cell Station Transmitter
  • KX-TVA50 - Voice Mail

Advanced features include integration with optional VoIP and IP components!

The KX-TDA50G control unit is initially configured with 4 Super Hybrid Extension Ports and 4 Loop Start CO ports (1 LCOT card), Power Supply, RS-232 port, USB port, MOH port, Paging port and a SD card. The Panasonic Hybrid IP-PBX is expandable up to 12 lines and 56 extensions. Panasonic Digital Telephone Systems KX-TDA50G Initially configured with 4 hybrid extension ports and 4 loop start CO ports (1 LCOT card), built-in 4CO Caller-ID card, power supply, RS232 port, USB port, MOH port, paging port and an SD card.

Features: DECT 8 channel multi-cell wireless station capability, SIP trunks, PC-based programming, automatic route selection (ARS), toll restriction, caller ID name and number to DPT, APT & SLT, VoIP, voice mail integration, uniform call distribution, compatible with new KX-DT300, KX-T7600, 7400, 7700 series and SLT telephones, direct inward system access (DISA). Can support a combination of 74 wired and wireless extensions.

Don't worry about ever outgrowing this system in the future!

The KX-TDA50G offers small to mid-size businesses completely customizable and scalable communications solutions that are reliable, affordable and flexible. It provides reliable voice and data communications, voice mail, wireless capability to stay connected to remote and mobile colleagues and the ability to save money on communication charges with SIP Trunking.

Features (some features listed are optional)

• Multi-Cell Wireless
• VOIP Gateway with QSIG (Enhanced System Networking)
• PC-Based Programming
• Digital Extra Device Port DXDP
• Automatic Route Selection (ARS)
• Toll Restriction
• Built-in Caller ID Name & Number to (DPT, APT & SLT) for
first 4 CO lines
• In Skin Voice Mail Card and Voice Mail Integration
• Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
• Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
• Supports SIP Trunking

  • State-of-the-art wireless capability that makes it easy to stay in touch with employees that are constantly moving or away from their desks
  • Businesses with multiple locations can now be networked together using advanced IP technology, ISDN, or basic T1 services
  • Supports centralized voicemail
  • Configuration:
    • 4 Super hybrid extension ports and 4 loop start CO ports (1 LCOT card)
    • Caller ID (CID4 card)
    • Power supply
    • RS232 port
    • USB port
    • MOH port
    • Paging port and SD card
  • System is expandable to 8 CO's and 24 physical extension ports or 12 CO's and 20 physical extension ports
  • 28 extension ports can support a combination of 52 wired and wireless extensions
  • Capable of supporting 48 digital KX-T7600 series telephones with the use of D-PITS
  • Multi cell wireless
  • PC based programming
  • Automatic route selection (ARS)
  • Toll restriction
  • Caller ID
  • VoIP
  • Digital voice mail integration
  • Compatible with KX-T7600, 7400, 7700 series telephones, SLT and VoIP telephones


Technical Details


KXTDA50 Manual

KXTDA50 Brochure

Kit includes (1) KX-TDA50G Control Unit, (2) KX-DT343B Digital Endpoints, (1) KX-TVA50 Voice Processing System, (1) KX-WT125 DECT Wireless, (1) KX-T0155 Cell Station. Panasonic KXTDA50G Quick Reference Literature

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Panasonic - KXTDA50D2VE - KSU Bundle W Voicemail and Wireless

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