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An absolute MUST for every VoIP user - the PIKA µFirewall

What is the PIKA ?

In today’s modern telecommunications world, using VoIP (voice over internet protocol) trunks to connect the office telephone system to the outside world is clearly the technology of choice. VoIP offers many advantages, the greatest of these being reduced cost – something that every business is focused on in these challenging times.

However, this advanced technology comes with increased risks on the security side. We’ve all heard the stories that make headlines on a regular basis:

“Small company hit with $250k long distance bill”

“VoIP telephone system hacking up by 500%”

“2,500 bogus long distance calls made in one night from off-shore through XYZ Corporation’s VoIP telephone system”

The fact of the matter is that the improved technology of VoIP actually makes the process of hacking into business telephone systems easier, quicker and more successful. 1,000s of access attempts can now be accomplished in seconds rather than hours. There are even specialized software programs developed to perform hacking commonly available to be downloaded from the internet.

If this has not happened to you yet, it probably will. And, VoIP service suppliers are less and less willing to forgive these large bills.

There are traditional solutions available today that offer protection against this form of abuse. However, they are: 1) very expensive, 2) require extensive time and expertise to install, configure and maintain, and 3) in many cases, easily identified and bypassed by smart, experienced hackers.

The PIKA µFirewall is the answer.

Using a revolutionary, patent pending process, it identifies and prevents toll fraud on a premise-based IP PBX before it happens:

  • analyzes SIP packets through deep packet inspection
  • stops abnormal SIP protocol usage based on pre-determined parameters
  • prevents SIP denial-of-service attacks
  • quietly drops malicious SIP packets rather than responding with an error to help prevent continued attacks
  • neutralizes SIP attacks while they are occurring rather than identifying attacks after the fact

The device is easily installed at your location.

  • requires ZERO special skills, ZERO configuration and ZERO ongoing maintenance
  • easily plugs in front of your existing telephone system
  • power supplied through a standard USB power cablePIKA µFirewall (included)
  • operates at Layer 2 so device is transparent to existing IP infrastructure - no changes required to add device to your existing network
  • observes patterns within SIP packets and adapts to identify and block hacking attempts 
  • small footprint - measures just 3.8 x 1.5 x 1.1
  • uses a highly optimized network processor to process packets at close to wire speed

The µFirewall even lets you know what it’s doing through multiple LEDs:

  • each network port has a green and yellow LED:
    • Green: network port is operational
    • Yellow: will blink to indicate that network packets are travelling through the port
  • multicolor LEDs are present to indicate the firewall is active:
    • Green: firewall is enabled and active
    • Red: firewall is blocking packets


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