Skype Phone SP2014 Requires No PC by Xblue Networks
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What is the Skype Phone SP2014 Requires No PC by Xblue Networks?

If you are a fan of Skype, but hate to have to call from your PC, then the Xblue SP2014 Skype Phone is for you!

Connect this "always on" device to your Local Area Network (LAN) or directly to your router, enter your Skype address once and you're ready to make and take calls on the network that now handles 50% of the worlds International traffic.  Use this phone like you would any conventional phone.  It is always on, meaning it does not require any PC connection to work.

So use the Xblue Skype phone for your business or buy one for every family member and always stay in touch for free whether your family is across the state, across the country or across the world!

XBLUE Skype Telephone highlights!

  • Never miss a Skype call as the XBLUE Skype phone is “Always On” (no PC needed)
  • Unlike cell phones and PC’s the XBLUE telephone is designed to be a high-quality two-way speakerphone.
  • Parents of College Students or Young Adults — Always stay in touch even when their cell phone is in silent/vibrate mode, turned off, battery is dead or they break/lose their cell phone for the umpteenth time.
  • The XBLUE Skype telephone is comfortable to use – especially important on those long calls.
  • Small business or Home office that conducts international business – Real money saver!
  • Families — Make free calls and save cell phone airtime when calling Grandma, Uncle Joe, kids, grandchildren, etc.


Skype Features Supported
Skype to Skype
Skype Voicemail
Skype Search Directory
Skype Contact List
Skype Presence
Smart Filter
Call Waiting
Conference Call (Guest Only)
Call Log
User Profiles

Telephone Features
Color LCD
Interactive LCD Buttons
Navigation Keys
Calling Party Identification
Speakerphone with Mute
Volume Up and Down
Last Number Redial
Self-installable! Installs in minutes!

Signaling Protocol
- Skype
- Static IP
- DHCP Clie

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