Telco Depot TD-2000 VoIP Server 8 FXO 8 FXS w/ 10 Phones
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Telco Depot TD-2000 VoIP Server 8 FXO 8 FXS w/ 10 Phones

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The perfect complete system for the small to medium business wanting traditional analog lines and VoIP phones.  With 10 VoIP phones and 2 VoIP lines.  Includes pre-programming and free shipping.  Ready to plug & play!

What is the Telco Depot TD-2000 VoIP Server 8 FXO 8 FXS w/ 10 Phones?

This Telco Depot built system is for the small to medium business that wants the comfort of traditional analog telephone (POTS) lines but the advantages of a VoIP system.  We've included 2 free VoIP lines to use for 3 months to see for yourself the quality and advantages of VoIP.

This package features the Telco Depot TD-2000 server, equipped with  8 analog line ports for traditional telephone lines, 8 analog station ports for standard phones, and will support up to 300 users.  The system handles 60 concurrent calls so this gives you tremendous growth potential.

We've bundled 10 each of the Yealink SIP-T26P, 12-button VoIP phones with the server.  These phones feature High Definition "HD" sound via their Texas Instruments "Titan" chipset.  These high quality, high function phones have been fully tested by Telco Depot for interoperabilty with the TD-2000 server. 

Also included are 2 free VoIP channels for 3 months.  We give you a local telephone number and pre-program the account information so the entire system is ready to plug into your network, power up and your lines will be working.  It doesn't get any easier than this!

As an added bonus we're including our USB Recorder in this package.  Use this device with any of your telephones and record any call on demand and store the .wav file to your pc.  Finally a simple way to record any conversation and easily forward it via e-mail or store on your hard disk.  This comes with it's Telco Depot client software for recording and playback. 

Customize your System!

Select "Add to Cart" and you'll be taken to a configuration page where you'll be given the opportunity to add phones, VoIP Lines and other peripherials,

Remember, we include pre-programming of this system and pre-configuration of the telephones for a truely simple installation.  You will simply take the server and phones out of the box, plug them into your Local Area Network (LAN) and the system will work!

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