Telco Depot TD-3000 VoIP Base Server
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Telco Depot TD-3000 VoIP Base Server

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Quick Overview

-Use Analog Phone Lines and/or VoIP

-Unlimited VoIP Channels

-Capable of Expanding to 1000 Extensions/32 Analog Lines

What is the Telco Depot TD-3000 VoIP Base Server?

Max IP Extensions: 1000

Max Analog Ports: 32

Unlimited VoIP Channels

May be fitted with PRI Card


At the time we first opened Telco Depot many years ago (when the Puritans first settled), we noticed that most of our customers were coming to us with the same requests.

Everyone wanted the features/flexibility/reliability found on the high-end IP systems, but the price to configure these systems was often too high.

This meant that many of our customers had to settle for a system that did not fit their needs in order to stay within their budget.

We decided that it was time to develop our own product line that could offer the same features and flexibility of the high-end phone systems without the high costs of marketing/advertising being passed on to the consumer.

The result is our TD series phone system.

TD-3000 Overview

The reason why IP systems have become the standard in the world of telephony is largely due to the ease of installation. If you have a network in place for your computers, you already have the cabling necessary to install an IP system. Since it only takes a few basic steps to install the system on your network, there is usually no need for professional installation.

In addition to having all of the basic features that you would expect from a phone system (intercom, page, transfer, park, voicemail, auto-attendant, etc.) the TD series has all of the features commonly associated with high-end phone systems including Voicemail to Email (.wav file), Remote Extensions, Smart Phone Integration, Call Recording, Remote Extensions,  POTS & VoIP capability, GUI Interface, etc.

Since there are too many features to list here, I highly recommend viewing the
Full System Feature List and TD System Brochure.

Use any IP Phone

One of the greatest features of the TD series phone system is the ability to use any
Standard IP Phone.

This means that you are no longer stuck paying a premium for outdated proprietary phones.

The newer IP phone offerings by
Panasonic, Grandstream, and Yealink offer HD sound quality, an intuitive interface, and backlit displays.

You may click on the brand names above to see their current offerings.

As technology advances, you will always be able to use the most current IP phones on the market with your TD-3000.

Traditional POTS or VoIP

A common misconception about IP phone systems is that they are specifically made for VoIP.  

This is simply untrue.

The fact of the matter is that there are many IP systems (including the TD-2000) that are designed to use analog phone lines and VoIP equally well.

Most customers still prefer to use analog lines as your phone system/service will not have to depend on your internet.

While many others may prefer VoIP for the savings.

You also have the option of using both analog lines and VoIP simultaneously to enjoy the best of both worlds!

To Sum it all up...

If your business exceeds the capacity of the TD-2000, the TD-3000 will prove to be an invaluable tool to help move your business forward.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-390-1200

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