UPS 1500VA-1050W 6-outlet
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What is the UPS 1500VA-1050W 6-outlet?

The PRO1500LCD is a 1500VA/1050W 120 VAC line interactive UPS designed for desktop or floor mounting.
Back-up time - full load: 6.0 minutes
Back-up time - half load: 13.5 minutes

Runtimes for small loads of less than 10 percent of the stated capacity of a given UPS may vary greatly. Please call to confirm most accurate runtime for small loads.

  • Designed for PCs, telephone and security systems, and data communications
  • Protects equipment from harmful AC power surges and spikes
  • Provides battery backup to equipment during a blackout
  • Built-in boost and buck AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) function compensates for broader range of AC voltage situations like surges and spikes, saving internal battery power for blackouts and extending the life of the batteries
  • Includes Minuteman SentryPlus ™ power management and diagnostic software to provide added control and allow unattended PC shutdown (for use on individual PCs or multiple workstations or networks).
  • Integrated USB port for software communications (USB cable included)
  • Hot-swappable batteries for easy battery replacement
  • Independent Battery Bypass ™ allows the UPS to provide voltage regulation with surge or spike protection even when batteries are weak or dead.
  • 8 outlets (6 outlets with battery backup / surge protection and 2 outlets with surge protection only)


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