USB Phone Recorder
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  • Records conversation on .wav format.
  • Built-in, high-quality microphone.
  • Allows you to add bookmarks with annotations.
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USB Phone Recorder

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Quick Overview

Record conversation from any phone call or even record conversations in your room.  Store or your PC or e-mail anywhere

What is the USB Phone Recorder?

The USB phone recorder by TelcoDepot is perfect for your office as you can record calls, including conference calls, and you can play them back whenever you want to later on. In fact, you can record any calls made by your sales personnel to make sure customer experience is top-notch. This innovative device is perfect for conference calls, training calls and even to meet some legal requirements.

With a high quality, built-in microphone, TelcoDepot's USB phone recorder lets you record your meetings easily, giving you the opportunity to compare audio playbacks to your notes as well as sending these recordings to other departments or branches by email. This is an exceptional addition to your office, regardless of how you choose to use it.

The USB phone recorder by TelcoDepot hooks up to your computer via the USB cable and it also connects to any digital, analog or VoIP telephone using the handset cord.

Recording conversations is as simple as pushing a button! Your recordings are stored on your computer in standard .wav format. Therefore, they can be e-mailed to anyone and played back with any audio player such as Windows Media Player or even store it automatically in a network storage device.

Using the USB Phone Recorder Business Phone System

Using the included installation software for the USB phone recorder is extremely simple. This device lets you record and playback as well as setup your players for manual or automatic operations. Additionally, you may add bookmarks with annotation to make it much simpler to find any important parts of the recording later on. The TelcoDepot USB phone recorder is easy to use and install.

Login Needed. If a user or administrator has selected Login Required a login screen will appear when the application starts. The initial password for the Admin account is 123.

Open to System Tray. When the application starts it will automatically be minimized to the system tray.

Close to System Tray. When selected, clicking on the Exit button will send the application to the system tray (same functionality of the minimize button).

Auto Select Device. Used when multiple devices are connected to one computer. When selected the software will automatically assign itself to an available device.

Main Data Location. Select a location where the audio files will be stored.

Backup To:

Folder - Select the folder where you want to backup your recordings. This folder can be on the local or on remote PC (ask your network admin on how to access a remote folder on your network).

FTP - recordings will be backed up to the FTP server that has been configured for that recorder. See below for FTP configuration details.

Enable FTP Operations. Click to enable.

FTP Server. Enter a valid FTP server address.

Path. Directory on the FTP Server to store the files.

Username. Enter a valid user name.

Password. Enter a valid password.

Why choose the USB phone recorder?

  • This sophisticated phone recording system allows you to record phone calls by just pushing a button.
  • Only two components: USB phone recorder device and the included PC app, which manages all the options of the system.
  • Allows you to easily pause while recording, saving you space and making reviews much easier during playback.

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Product Description:

The USB phone recorder can be connected to any desktop telephone and lets you record telephone calls directly to your network or computer. You can even use it to record a meeting taking place in your office when you are not on the telephone. With many useful applications, this device can record telephone conversations for authorizations, legal references or training.

Technical Details

  • Built-in, high quality microphone.
  • Includes USB cable.
  • Connects to any analog, digital or VoIP telephone via the included handset cord.
  • Records audio files in standard .wav format.

Product Details:

Brand: Telco Depot

Model: 2499-01

Product Category Products

Product Type USB Phone Recorder

Warranty Information:

  • Manufacturer:

Shipping Information:

Weight: 1 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 5 inches

Shipping World wide shipping available

USB Phone Recorder


Does the USB Phone Recorder work with Cordless Phones?

No, it doesn't.

Does the USB Phone Recorder work with any Computer?

This device will not work on Apple MAC PC's.

Does the USB phone recorder provide quality sound files?

Yes, it does. It creates an amazingly crisp, high quality sound file which is stored on your computer.

Does this device require any additional software?

The TelcoDepot player is included with the installation software. You don't need to buy any additional software. Just access the links in the resource section for all the apps you need.

Does it include an auto recording option?

Yes. Just select to automatically start recording audio files from the Phone or the Room. Only one option or none can be selected at any time.

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