USB Phone Recorder
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  • Triple line LCD (3 x 24).
  • 24 flexible buttons.
  • 7 fixed function keys.
  • Dual LED.
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USB Phone Recorder

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Quick Overview

LG-Ericsson 24 Button LCD Digital Phone for the LDK System

What is the USB Phone Recorder?

The LG-Ericsson 24 button LCD digital phone is the most popular phone used on the LDK system. Thanks to this revolutionary phone, users can program the unused buttons for DSS/BLF as well as being able to program all of their line appearances. This proves to be extremely helpful in any business environment since users can see when their co-workers are on the phone and even call them just by pressing a button.

Well-known for several features such as dialing on hook and call announce type intercom, the LG-Ericsson LDP-7224D speakerphone also has an outstanding quality. This versatile speaker phone can be used for the "We Meet Me" feature, where you can talk as an intercom call.

People in United States love phones with lots of buttons, and this one definitely has lots of buttons.

Using the USB Phone Recorder Business Phone System

The LG-Ericsson LDP-7224D LCD digital phone is user-friendly; its advanced digital keyset provides users at small, medium-sized and large businesses with the great convenience of 3 soft buttons and a navigation key. Featuring a trendy LDP family product design, multi-line LCD, 24 flexible buttons with dual-color LEDs and advanced call log features as well as other advanced applications. This LCD phone is perfect for every business, no matter the size or industry.

Why choose the LG-Ericsson 24-button digital phone?

  • Cutting-edge design.
  • The latest in VoIP technology.
  • Wide array of advanced applications.
  • Can be used as a programming terminal.
  • Can be used as an attendant console with DSS.

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Product Description:

The LG-Ericsson LDP-7224D combines an innovative, flexible architecture with the latest in Voice over IP (VoIP) technology and advanced applications to offer a new type of communication platform for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Designed to support Analog, Digital and IP Phones and Trunks, the LDP-7224D is ideal for businesses that are planning to transition between technologies.

Technical Details

  • 4 Line LCD- Backlit
  • iPECS protocol
  • Static/ DHCP IP address
  • Hands free speakerphone

Product Details:

Brand: LG-Ericsson

Model: LDP-7224D

Product Category Digital Phone

Product Type 24 button LCD phone

SKU TKTU9033317

Warranty Information:

  • Manufacturer:

Shipping Information:

Weight: 4 pounds

Product Dimensions: 9 x 4 x 10 inches

Shipping World wide shipping available

USB Phone Recorder


Any safety guidelines before installing the LG-Ericsson 24 button LCD phone?

Yes, there are a few important guidelines to consider before installation. First of all, only qualified service personnel may install, service or replace the phone on a site that is dry and well ventilated. Also, if any liquid is spilled on the phone, a technician must be contacted to prevent electric shock. The power cord of the phone line mustn't be tugged. And, last but not least, the power cord and phone line must be unplugged if you smell something burning on the phone or see smoke.

What do the LG-Ericsson 24 button LCD phone's flexible buttons do?

The LG-Ericsson 24 button LCD phone's flexible buttons are pre-programmed by the manufacturer in the system for loop functions, and line appearances, just to name a few. The remaining flexible buttons can be programmed by each user to meet his or her requirements.

What makes the LG-Ericsson LDP-7224D phone popular?

It provides users with the advanced functionality of the iPECS-eMG80 and ipLDK60: call log, self-labeling keys, display-based interfaces and simplified administration. Additionally, this digital phone has a gorgeous ergonomic user-friendly design.

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