Vertical SBX Phone System With 8 Phones
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Vertical SBX Phone System With 8 Phones

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This package includes:
Vertical SBX Control Unit
(8) 24-Button phones
Supports 3 traditional telephone lines
Please note this package does NOT include voicemail
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*Package can be customized and is scalable for growth - Call Us or Chat for Help!*

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Price as configured: $1,885.98

What is the Vertical SBX Phone System With 8 Phones?

Click Here to view a short video about the Vertical Phone System! 

This is the perfect replacement system for your Vodavi or Comdial phone system. Purchasing the Vertical SBX system will allow you to reuse your existing. Vertical is an LG company that acquired Vodavi and Comdial. 


Telco Depot is pleased to offer the Vertical SBX as its premium digital Key Telephone System for the business with 2 to 40 users and wants the benefit of having all lines appear on all phones.  If you are replacing an existing Key System, the Vertical SBX allows for easy transition as your employees will use the new phone just like the old.  We pre-program this system for you so all you need to handle is the connection to your phone lines and the internal wiring for your offices.  You’ll be able to do your own administration of this system and we’ll back you up with free technical support via the phone or web.

This offers all the basic features of the Xblue X16, but adds advanced features and flexibility such as the Nomad Soft Phone, a pc based telephone and allows for greater growth.  Every station port in the base cabinet connects to either the proprietary SBX digital phones or to a standard analog phone such as a cordless phone.   Vertical even offers a tightly integrated DECT Cordless Digital Phone to give you multiple line appearances; you don't find that on other systems!

The Vertical SBX even lets you go VoIP.  Add the VoIP gateway card and connect SBX IP phones for remote phones or VoIP line service.  Get the best of both worlds; Digital and VoIP with the SBX.  Telco Depot even offers VoIP line service configured specifically for the SBX.

More than a phone system, the Vertical® SBX IP™ can improve operations, intra-company communications, and processes. When you communicate more intelligently, you impact your bottom line.

  • Roaming mobility with either a DECT cordless telephone option or Nomad IP™ wireless telephone
  • Nomad SP™ soft phone capability lets mobile workers use a PC as a full-featured company phone
  • Hot desking allows a digital phone to be a shared resource
  • EzPhone™ desktop call manager lets users power dial, manage conference calls, and simply double-click to call a contact
  • Detailed reporting integrates with accounting and other management applications
  • One touch feature button access for easy and intuitive feature operation.
  • SBX IP provides softkeys with intuitive navigation via the LCD of a telephone
  • Mobile extension feature allows incoming calls (on T1/PRI or SIP trunks) to ring your cell phone when you are out of the office

This 6 line, 16 station starter package comes with 8 of the 24-button speakerphones.  You can add to the configuration of your system below by clicking on the different options and then click add to cart to see the total for your configuration.  Everything in the options above have been checked by Telco Depot to work well with the SBX system.

 *The SBX can be VoIP enabled by adding Telco Depot certified VoIP line service

Can’t find the phone system your looking for? Not sure if this is the right system for you? Call us at 1-800-390-1200 or live chat with us now, we are here to help!  


UPC: 608766979235


Technical Details

  • - 3 line LCD display
  • - 8 programmable buttons
  • - 5 fixed feature keys
  • - Call forward
  • - IP stations (provided a VoIP gateway is available)
  • - Speakerphone

Product Details:

  • Brand: Vertical
  • Model: 4003-13
  • Product Category: Phone Systems
  • Product Type: Phone System
  • UPC: 784672375016
  • SKU: 4003-30-5
  • MPN: 784672375016

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Vertical SBX Phone System With 8 Phones Vertical SBX Phone System With 8 Phones Vertical SBX Phone System With 8 Phones


How many telephones can I purchase at once?

This Vertical SBX bundle includes 6 lines and eight 24 button phones. However, it accommodates up to 40 users. Depending on your communication needs and number of staff members, you will be able to increase the number of phones at any given time. The system is adaptable, which means you will not have to pay for unnecessary features or devices. You decide the number of phones to purchase within the system limits. You can always call our customer service agents and let them help you make an informed decision.

Do I have to choose between VoIP and digital? Or can I use both?

You can use both. The only requirement is that you install a VoIP gateway, which will enable the system to use the cost-effective lines. The Vertical SBX is able to work with both types of lines simultaneously, for example, digital lines for the office and VoIP lines for remote workers. The distribution is up to you and your specific communication needs. Systems like the SBX are designed to let businesses configure their own features and make the most out of their investment.

What are remote workstations?

VoIP phone systems allow phones to be connected to the main system even if they are not in the same office. They work as long as there is an internet connection available. By enabling the VoIP capabilities with a VoIP gateway, you will be able to add remote phones to the same system, which means you can assign an extension to it. This is particularly useful for companies with different branches, warehouses or work-at-home staff members. Calling a remote extension will not incur any additional charges for your callers. In fact, callers will dial the number as usual without realizing the location of the call recipient. Remote workstations are very popular within global companies, virtual organizations and large companies with remote warehouses or small branches.

What does 6X16 mean? How many lines are included?

6X16 means 6 lines and 16 stations. The SBX does not require each telephone to have an individual line. The starters package comes with 6 lines, but the system can be expanded to accommodate up to 40 users. Workstations will share the digital or VoIP lines, picking an available one at the time of making a call. This system optimizes the communications process and makes it more efficient. It is not only practical, but also a good use of technological, human and financial resources.

Is this phone system suitable for a small business?

The Vertical SBX is fully adaptable, so it can adjust to a small business and is a great choice if you are expecting future growth. Remember that it suits any company with 2 to 40 telephone users. Plus, you can add phones progressively, evaluating current and future needs. SBX features are customizable, either from the main system or per phone. This means that you can configure each phone to the particular needs of each department. So, you can say the Vertical SBX is many phone systems in one.

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